& Charge and HUBJECT want to improve data for e-auto drivers

& Charge and HUBJECT want to improve data for e-auto drivers-data

Hubject and &Charge make a common cause to help improve the load experience in the future. This happens by the fact that users of &Charge in the future can actively maintain information about locations of charging stations. You will enrich and qualify the data of HUBJECT and thus guarantee that high data quality for E motorists is guaranteed.

The results of this partnership will be available to all companies that are interested in high quality data for charging infrastructure in Europe. In addition, HUBJECT confirmed and &Charge that you could expand cooperation on additional services to improve the load experience and service quality of electromobility market participants.

“We have &Charge Founded to make the shop more affordable, reliable and entertaining. Since the electric car market is currently experiencing a upswing and electric vehicles will now be relevant, reliable data is absolutely necessary. With this cooperation, we make a big step towards this reliability that contributes to bringing electric vehicles to the mass market. With our crowd sourcing approach and a strong community of electric car riders, we manage to get high quality feedback on the European charging infrastructure.”- Simon Vogt, Chief Sales Officer of &Batch

Christian Hahn, Managing Director of HUBJECT GmbH, also states that the “service quality of public charging stations becomes a decisive success factor for the introduction of electric vehicles”. As a HAHN gives you to understand the market “reliable, accessible and available charging stations so that we can convince more people to change the emission-free mobility of the future.”

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