Charge Construct: 2022 the year of acquisition for charging infrastructure locations

Charge Construct: 2022 the year of acquisition for charging infrastructure locations-acquisition

Adrian Zier, CEO & Co-Founder of Charge Construct, understands the current episode of the electric car news.Net podcast to convey why from its point of view 2021/2022 to the Year of Loading Infrastructure Location Acquisition. With his company, which he leads together with Tim Schwenk, he also accepts this challenge. But the company does not limit itself to the selection of the right location for the loading infrastructure, but offers this “ready to plug in, holistically and from a single source” on the market.

For over five years in the world of electromobility, Adrian has spent now. After advising in this area, he worked for Volkswagen Elli before he did independently. With Charge Construct, as an independent project service provider, its company offers the construction of charging infrastructure from a single source. What is quite literally, as Charge Construct consciously wants to keep most of the value added in your own house. What shows, for example, through a team of own project, site manager and electrical installers.

What you do not yet offer in-house, but pretty close to it is the performance in the area of deep construction. Here you benefit from a close link to your own investor in the field of fiberglass world. And honestly, whether glass fiber or power cables are laid, the challenges are similar. Another advantage for the start-up, which this can shine with experience when it comes to gaining public tenders or projects in cities for themselves. It does not matter if they are implemented in the AC or DC load area. Both are possible.

Where Adrian has to understand that the trend will probably go towards DC / even HPC loading in the future years. DC loading could thus be quasi the new AC loading. In itself a very interesting train of thought, especially if one assumes that the car manufacturers themselves will probably equip their vehicles more and more with more charging power. Definitely exciting insights he gave us. But listen best myself. By the way, the conversation came through the recommendation of Wulf Schlachter, running makers and door opener for e-mobility start-ups, too.

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