& Charge: “Data make e-mobility mass suitable”

& Charge:

&Charge has been cooperating with Elvah since today and feeds the charging station data collected by the own community as well as photos of the columns directly into the Elvah app. This allows the data quality, reliability and loading experience to improve in the growing e-mobility market. This is paired with its own statement after ELVAH user-friendly loading rate should lead to a better experience of e-mobility.

&Charge itself is as a platform for electromobility and rewards purchases and activities with free electricity for your own electric car. Without having to grab yourself to the purse. Quasi, the first “green” loyalty program for sustainable mobility. In addition, you have now started a wallbox-sharing marketplace. Only recently, the two-year-old start-up was able to conclude an investment round mentioned by Helen Ventures and Porsche Ventures. With Elvah you now go another step to integrate your own service even more in the everyday life of E-car driver.

The aim is that together with Elvah the e-mobility is finally massive and thus wants to drive the mobility transition. The two companies would like to do not want so good data quality at the market. Due to the countless market participants and grown structures there is a heterogeneity, which mainly influences the data quality around charging stations negatively. Images of charging stations in good quality are still a rarity and charging stations that are reported to false addresses belong to the everyday life of E motorists. Here you set.

&Batch focuses on the capture, processing and relocation of comprehensive and so-called quality-assured charging rate data from the beginning (SOG. POI data). In cooperation with Elvah &Charge High-qualitative and standardized photos of charging stations and corrected address data available. Elvah binds this data directly into his charging app. This improves the quality of the app, which can lead this even faster charging columns for you.

The Co-Founder and CEO of Elvah, Gowrynath (Gowry) Sivaganeshamoorthy, performs: “We are convinced that we can only improve the data quality in the shop network only collaborative. For us, this also means that the entire industry should pull in a strand to solve the existing problems of e-mobility. Silo thinking brings us here. In addition, we promise ourselves from cooperation with &Charge even more convenience for Elvah’s customers.”

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