ChargePoint wants to take the load software specialist Has · to ·

ChargePoint wants to take the load software specialist Has · to ·-chargepoint

ChargePoint, a leading company for charging infrastructure solutions in North America and Europe, has announced the acquisition agreement of Has · to · Be, a leading provider of electromobility software in Europe. The acquisition is based on ChargePoint on the fact that Europe is one of the fastest growing e-mobility markets worldwide, so the company in a recent communication.

The Agreement shows that ChargePoint will take over for a total purchase price of about 250 million euros, subject to an adjustment, Has · To be paid and the purchase price is paid both in cash and shares. The official acquisition will take place this year, subject to all official permits and other common treatment conditions.

“As an established market leader in North America, our continuous investment in the European market is crucial for our growth strategy. We are very pleased to announce the agreement to take over Has · Be. This gives us a leading company of e-mobility with a talented team, strong and innovative technology and an impressive customer base. With our common possibilities, we should be able to further expand our leading positions while electromobility is on the rise worldwide.”- Pasquale Romano, President and CEO Chargepoint

The team, the customers and the technology of Has · to · should therefore become part of the worldwide activities of ChargePoint. Founded in 2013, has Has · to · Be today 125 employees in Austria and Germany, as well as around 40.000 directly connected charging points. In addition, you can access more than 250.Offer 000 charging points in the roaming network.

Chargepoint wants to profit especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the European Software Provider. More than 1000 companies from the automotive, energy, electrical, real estate and trading industry as well as specialized e-mobility providers and many more trust in the software of Has · to · Be – including brands such as Aral, Audi, GP Joule, Ionity and Porsche. The software platform of HAS · TO · BE is able to cover all applications of e-mobility and to offer solutions for the great fragmentation of the charging infrastructure landscape.

“In the last eight years, our talented team has decisively promoted e-mobility in Europe and won a large number of leading brands as customers. These rely on our software platform every day to meet your technical requirements. Together with ChargePoint, in the future, we will continue to follow this vision and – since the market continues to expand – achieve even higher scaling.”- Martin Klastner, co-founder and CEO Has · to · Be

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