Charging columns for electric cars: Prischaos and monopoly structure make it difficult to switch – electric car

The number of newly approved electric cars almost tripled last year. But when it comes to shops, there is a need to catch up-monopolies and price confusion scare many potential e-car buyers.

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Charging columns for electric cars: Prischaos and monopoly structure make it difficult to switch - electric car-prischaos

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The original to this post "Charging stations for electric cars: Prischaos and monopoly structure make it difficult to change" comes from Bayerischer Rundfunk.

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10 thoughts on “Charging columns for electric cars: Prischaos and monopoly structure make it difficult to switch – electric car”

  1. So it won’t work…..
    Of the huge successes and the countless "Gamerkangers" is not too much in real life … see. The whole system is not mass -compatible and so it will remain for years. It is completely uninteresting whether Tesla has its own charging system or not. Load at home does not go with most – that’s it…. That "brand new" Topic with the batteries not yet viewed at all !! Actually incredible: there is no end, the media are in the continuous loop per electro, the combustion engine is punished…..And yet it won’t work !!! Let’s think why that’s the case ?!

  2. Tesla charging system "completely uninteresting"
    By no means! Tesla shows how it works: 1. Sell mobility in the package, e-cars plus charging infrastructure. 2. A nationwide store network for long -distance transport across Europe is technically & financially feasible. 3. The loading process in the digital age looks like this: plug in, shop, plug out, drive – without loading or loading or. EC card. 4. The electricity costs are transparent & fair: € 0.40/ kWh.

  3. No, there will be no driving current tax…
    Even because everyone can charge their electric car while circumventing a controllable wall box. What comes is a route toll and it will be much higher for combustion engineers. What are "Normalos"? If you can’t afford a new e-car, you can also buy cheap used ones. Where there is a will, there’s a way.

  4. language
    In an advertisement here a company writes from refueling although a cable with a connector can be seen in the picture. Fueling electricity is curd, the term comes from filling the tank in the car. The advertising statement is just as wrong that has an Eauto 0.0 CO2/100 km. Nobody can prove that electricity is really green and climate -neutral when charging. Total eco only gives on a planet without people.

  5. The term "Load"…
    would of course be more suitable. But it is about convincing verben drivers and the knowledge with the term "Refuel" to start more. It is correct that the electric car itself is emission-free. Of course, CO2 falls when manufacturing batteries and electricity. But this is becoming less and less because more and more electricity comes from renewable energies.

  6. Default of the local e-car producers
    The local (premium) e-car producers have failed to consider the electric car and charging option as a system and to offer the complete package. Anders Tesla: If you drive z.B.a Tesla-Charger with a Tesla, the battery is conditioned for the charging process a number of kilometers beforehand and thus gently loaded at the prior prior price. The buyers of local manufacturers are only up to you to search for a charging and affordable station. It is easy to catch "Path bearers", Request the excessive prices for electricity. No wonder that Tesla reports one delivery and sales record after the other through his complete system.

  7. Yes that may be the case
    However, they should admit to the local manufacturers that a conversion of the product range does not happen overnight and is also much more difficult if you have successfully sold burners for many decades. Tesla started with electric cars and does not have to adjust anything, neither vehicles nor factory halls. Nevertheless, the 15 years needed to make the first real profits.

  8. There are
    Not just the charging stations. All e-mobility is neither suitable for everyday use nor sustainable. There are still a lot of homework to be done until it works with e-mobility. Above all, the everyday e-car no longer looks like today’s vehicles. The performance data is also very far away from which today’s electric cars have. I think the charging station is still the smallest problem. Today’s current e-mobility is not yet out of the beta phase of development. That will not be the case in 30 years.

  9. On the
    The combustion engines would mean that the petrol station network would be extremely thinned out and if you refuel, you have no price presentation of what the whole thing costs. Provided the petrol pump would be intact at all, which is often not the case with charging stations. Service on site, not available. All of this would be unthinkable with the combustion engines and people would rebel. But the e-car drivers don’t care, they obviously accept everyone as lousy. There should have been much fewer e-cars to be sold so that the politicians and operators finally wake up. It is not enough by car alone, even if it is subsidized so highly.

  10. Whitewarrk is still politely expressed
    You can only see what you pay during or after charging at public charging points. A real absurdity that you don’t know in any other area like that. That must be changed urgently. I just load at home myself is cheaper and the loading time doesn’t matter.


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