Charging infrastructure: EnBW boss criticizes lengthy approval procedures

Charging infrastructure: EnBW boss criticizes lengthy approval procedures-infrastructure

Frank Mastiaux, CEO of the energy group EnBW, which is very committed to e-mobility, is bothered by the long approval processes for charging infrastructure projects. In funding procedures, it sometimes takes up to two years until the funds that have been applied for and already approved are actually released. “These are periods of time that simply do not correspond to the ambitious goals that we have set ourselves in our country,” he said at an online event in mid-December, thereby reinforcing a criticism that he has expressed several times in recent years.

He would like politicians to “maximize” acceleration of approval procedures and welcomes the new federal government’s plan to halve the length of procedures for infrastructure projects. “The new federal government wants to make Germany a leading market for electromobility. In order for this to succeed, we need more torque when expanding the charging infrastructure. We can learn from the energy transition: we should avoid over-regulation, prioritize market-driven expansion – and implement planning, approval and funding processes more quickly in the future,” he said.

According to its own statement, EnBW operates the largest public fast charging network in Germany with more than 650 of its own locations nationwide. By 2025, the energy company plans to set up and operate a total of 2,500 fast-charging locations, for which EnBW intends to invest around 100 million euros annually.

Last October, the EnBW CEO complained in a conversation with the Suddeutsche Zeitung that “the regulatory framework conditions are not helpful in parts”. In 2020, for example, there will be 13.000 charging points were subsidized by the state – but only 3000 were put into operation. This is less due to insufficient technical possibilities than to slow bureaucracy.

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3 thoughts on “Charging infrastructure: EnBW boss criticizes lengthy approval procedures”

  1. Technophobe Schildburgerland Germany.

    In any case, “the future” is not helped to shape it here – it’s a pity actually former Country of poets and thinkers.

    There really isn’t much more to say about it.

  2. is like: you build an ICE route with a lot of money, expensive trains to be able to drive fast.
    Then the thing drives 300 km/h and has to brake hard before a level crossing.
    Yes, um, let’s call someone to see if someone can come and close the barrier.
    Oh, best of all, you write a letter. better safe than sorry. everything has to run properly, checked and safely. Then a committee decides when the gatekeeper can come.
    Shortly before the appointment, he gets in touch… um no, I’m on vacation. Please submit a new application….

    Everything is changing, only the decelerating bureaucracy remains.
    Sometimes you have to stick to old traditions.


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