Charging on the go works even under difficult circumstances.

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On the road in an electric car

The network is getting denser

The biggest fear when switching to an electric car: being stuck with an empty battery. But for that to happen, a lot has to go wrong.

Audi e-tron GT: 487 km range, from CHF 111,550.

It was a good thing: I had an appointment in Geneva and the new Audi e-tron GT was parked in front of my door as a test car. A perfect route to test the Stromer where e-cars still earn the most skepticism: on a longer section of the motorway. It gets really interesting when the battery isn’t fully charged on the descent, as was the case this morning. A charging stop will therefore be necessary – although the electricity would reach the destination pretty much exactly, I want to be able to continue from there later. Shortly before Lausanne, I head for a service area with a fast charging option. I see two stations on the site – and drive to the one closer to a cafe. Unfortunately, the two stations are from different providers; the one I drove to is one of the few that cannot be unlocked with the card belonging to the Audi – the other is just being hit by another electric car. No problem, after all there is still power in the battery. The navigation system shows numerous quick charging stations in the area. I decide to stay at a nearby hotel to have a good coffee during the break; according to the navigation system, one of the two seats there is currently free. What the sat nav didn’t know: Despite a few free parking spaces, the loading space that was actually free was blocked by a diesel-powered family van. A problem that one unfortunately encounters from time to time as an e-car driver. Therefore, it should be mentioned again at this point: if you don’t charge, you don’t park at an e-car charging station! But even that was no reason to despair: The infrastructure of fast charging stations must grow with the ever-increasing number of e-cars, but today it is already very densely developed. A few kilometers further, the Audi can finally fill up with electricity with a full 270 kW charging capacity – and charge its battery from 15 to 80% in 20 minutes. So there are still minor hurdles to be overcome here and there, not just of a technical nature, as this experience shows, but: you can always find electricity with an electric car. Anyone who stops has probably bet on the last percent of battery voltage.

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