Cheap small cars threatened with extinction

Cheap small cars threatened with extinction-extinction

In view of growing problems with place and air, you could actually use it well – but small cars under four meters and for less than 10.000 Euro are an endangered genus. The reason: It becomes more and more expensive for the manufacturers, burners for constantly sharper pollutant standards fit. As a result, the windings could largely disappear from the market.

“An implementation of the EU7 scenarios discussed would only be possible with profound technical measures that are complicated and thus very costly”, quoted “time.De “Frank Welsch, the quality chief of the VW Group. In order to actually come to the required CO2 values, significantly stronger E-motors and larger buffer batteries would have to be installed. From an extended exhaust aftertreatment in the fight against nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. This surcharge would not be more sensible in the particularly sensitive segment of the small cars for many.

Affordable entry-level vehicles with internal combustion engine would definitely belong to the past, according to Welsch. Group boss Herbert This is even clearer: a successor to the small car UP he has already given a cancellation – even the polo is in danger under these signs.

Not without reason, says Professor Stefan Bratzel from the university of the economy in Bergisch Gladbach. The cheaper is a vehicle, the higher the additional share of the costs for improved exhaust gas purification. And the harder it will be to pass on these costs to the customers, according to the automotive industry. “Smaller cars are then virtually unpredictable and should be set.”

Although Andreas Radics does not go through Andreas Radics in Munich, but he also expects dramatic changes on offer: the selection will be significantly lower – and remaining models would be built much longer to pay the development costs. But even these cars should be noticeably more expensive according to many experts. CO2 reduction does not give it to the zero tariff, it says at the industry association VDA. From the high prices for electric small cars completely silent.

But with higher car rides, mobility is not mandatory, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) believes in Berlin and builds the forecast on continued rising fuel prices: Because clean cars need less fuel and make electric cars in the maintenance cheaper, customers could be under the Even save dash in the long term.

That it goes against the trend, some manufacturers show. Toyota has announced the development of a new AYGO, SKODA plans a new edition of the Fabia – and the cheap brand DACIA shows the “Spring” that the trend for electrification does not necessarily lead to larger and more expensive cars. After all, VW boss also wants to position this an E-model significantly below the ID3.

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5 thoughts on “Cheap small cars threatened with extinction”

  1. Of course, the small burners are the first to disappear from the market (small margin) after it will be the middle class and last the upper class burner.
    But it will certainly give enough up-to-paying electric trucks if not from the European manufacturers then from China, there are already some E-vehicle for under 10.000 EURO. Currently, the electric cars have absolute moon prices, but they will be significantly reduced by subsidies at the latest after omission of subsidies, one sees in the smart TV just a few years ago, a 55 “smart TV still cost around 2500 euros now you get such devices even with Improved equipment as at that time for under 500 Euro Wid at the E-car exactly the same development significantly cheaper batteries Sdind yes of Tesla and also announced by VW and Chinese manufacturers CA. 50% cheaper than currently and of course when the right mass production starts

  2. Then there is just electric small cars. If Tesla has actually positioned the batteries with their 4680 cells already at 50 € / kWh, then a 40kWh battery costs just 2.000 €. And that’s enough in a small to micro car. If you then integrated a decent fast-load capacity with 100kW. My e-up has only 36kWh. So far I have missed nothing. Longer routes are now a bit cozy. Consumption sensational.


  3. Years ago one would have been able to insert a hard upper limit in the CO2 emissions per car and no fleet upper limit. At Z.B. 120 g / km would not remain different from the compact / middle class than to electrify them. Anyway, for those who need more than 90ps. Nevertheless, cheap burners would still remain for those who can not afford anything else.

  4. I also think that the social component of e-cars is still completely hidden. Today you can drive (low-earner, student, someone who does not want anything else) with a 13 year old, cheap polo across Europe (I had one and did that).
    In the future with pure e-cars this does not work anymore. A 13-year-old is due to battery aging for charging chipping, the batteries of small (ST) cars can not be infinitely voluminous or heavy because of the limited space, D.H. Even if you get cheap, you stay rather limited in the range. And in the future you will also get the cheap cells, probably largely without temperature management – Rapidgate greetings.
    If you are fair and transparent, you must clearly say that mobility will be significantly more expensive or with much more waiver, especially at the bottom (cheap class). Only does not say any ..

  5. Cheap small cars with battery electric drive also go cheap, China shows it, even if the price doubles on the way to Europe, they would be for 10.To have 000 euros without a bonus.

    If a small series manufacturer of the 2-seater MicroLino from about 12.500 euros (without premium) can offer, then a large series manufacturer like VW should be a small 4-seater at a similar price.

    The manufacturers bargain the customers with large purse at E-cars, is also more deserved per car, the people with small purses are meanwhile allowed to drive the old burners to the junkyard.

    If European manufacturers do not want to supply the market of inexpensive e-cars, then the just asia – TV, computer, mobile phones u.v.m. come for a long time from Asia and in good quality.

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