Cheap SUV XXL: Dacia brings Maxi family carriage bigster

Auto Insider: Dacia Bigster

Cheap SUV XXL: Dacia brings a maxi family carriage

Cheap SUV XXL: Dacia brings Maxi family carriage bigster-maxi
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Dacia plans a large SUV for a small price – it could "Bigster" mean

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Dacia is launching a Stromer: It should become Germany’s cheapest electric car. But what are large families with such a dwarf current? Don’t worry: the Franco-Romanians also think of them. Site has the first information about the Dacia Bigster.

Regardless of whether VW, Hyundai or Ford – all car brands will concentrate on electric vehicles in Europe in the future. Family models are still in short supply, because Audi E-Tron, VW ID4 or large hybrid SUV from Ford or Hyundai are not in the budget of many families despite funding.

Dacia brings giant SUV for normalos

At the same time, the manufacture of their petrol and diesel models say goodbye to this. VW bosses Diess wants to get rid of all buyers of non-electric cars as soon as possible. Outside the used car market, it becomes increasingly thin for buyers with a lot of space, but a narrow wallet. But a brand holds up the family flag: Dacia. With the study "Bigster Concept" the Renault subsidiary showed how she imagines a family SUV. Because something like this has so far been missing in the brand’s portfolio: The Duster is just a compact SUV and the Lodgy is a big one, but somehow also boring van.

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Cheap SUV XXL: Dacia brings Maxi family carriage bigster-cheap

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It should be different with the bigster. "The SUV should play with a length of 4.6 meters in the middle class, but only as much as a city SUV costs", reports the "Auto newspaper". That would be for a price of or even below 20.Speak 000 euros. The car will only come onto the market in a few years. By 2025, Dacia plans to launch a total of three new models. The Grob-SUV Bigster would then be the counterpoint to the mini-stromer spring . Visually, the bigster will remind you of the duster, but will come a little more angular and more futuristic – the narrow LED headlights are already taking care of that. Robust plastic protective planks over the swellers and wheel arches provide the off-road look.

Petrol engine, hybrid – and maybe diesel

The bigster will have five seats, with a seven-seater option also conceivable. The car would even be a cheap competitor to the Kia Sorento or VW Tiguan Allspace. No details are known about the drives, but there will be classic combustion engines in any case. This sets a turbo petrol engine that is likely to do around 150 hp. A diesel drive is also conceivable.

The CMF-B platform of the Renault-Nissan Group on which the new Dacia is supposed to build up also enables electrification. The Bigster would then be optionally available as a plug-in hybrid model. All -wheel drive would even be feasible via an electrical rear axle, similar to the Opel Grandland X Hybrid. The catch: This would probably be too expensive for the Dacia Bigster. So it looks more like that the Bigster will only exist with front -wheel drive.

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Cheap SUV XXL: Dacia brings Maxi family carriage bigster-cheap

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  1. understood !
    In contrast to companies that only want to sell battery here, that’s a useful one … alternative. Only with very extreme glasses can really be believed in the German climate. Around us is diligently driven with everything that fuel needs. The German companies that (want to) play here are also selling their cars with combustion engines in other countries ! As a Dacia, everything done correctly !

  2. He may come too late
    If Dacia were already launching the Bigster today, he would definitely be the hit. But what will happen to the car market in five years can still predict today.

  3. Dacia just doesn’t dare to be brave!!!!!
    This new Stromer Dacia Bigster as it should be called, why is the Z.B. only 4.60 meters long??? I think Dacia should dare to let it be greater that it also does justice to its name! I think a length of 5 meters would be good for this Dacia Bigster, then of course also 5 or 7 seats. The most expensive thing about every car is the engine anyway, the body does not increase the costs when completing a car. Or why not an off -road vehicle with removable notes, so to speak an off -road convertible, as the Hummer eV demonstrated!!!! Or how about a Dacia as an e-sports car????? As a car manufacturer, I also have to be creative and brave, only in this way you have a chance to create something new

  4. Oh well
    It is already clear to them that everything has to be developed? You don’t even get that out of the shelf. This also creates costs accordingly. I think that would be all for 15 or 20k? If so there would be it. Dacia really offers a lot of car for the little money. To be accepted by them is not appropriate.

  5. Again and again this sow unnecessary vehicles
    People absolutely don’t understand today. On the one hand they cry around because of climate change, it’s a good thing. On the other hand, they shear a damp dirt around this. The diesel e.g. is presumably jointly responsible for this whole dilemma, but the fault is again directed at the swallowing woodpeckers of the Americans, whereby there are also very many diesel in use there. Nevertheless, people continue to buy this mogle pack on four wheels on their own benefits. And now that the time of electromobility has started, one is mainly developed. Unnecessarily heavy vehicles with a CW value of a wardrobe. So you save the world just because you want to sit higher and want the thickest. Simply launched, reflects us..

  6. You just have to choose properly
    Then the car buyers can choose which drive they want to choose when buying.Today there are new cars under 20 other 100 upwards, as someone has the money.


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