Cheap-Tesla for 22.000 euros: he will come next year?

Tesla Model Q

Cheap-Tesla for 22.000 euros: he will come next year?

Cheap-Tesla for 22.000 euros: he will come next year?-year
Instagram: Sugardesign_1 Cheap-Tesla for 22.000 euros: he will come next year?

From China there are currently rumors for the promised New Tesla vehicle for 25.000 dollars. This could allegedly come onto the market as a model Q in the coming year.

As early as September 2020, Tesla boss Elon Musk announced the "Battery Day" of the electric car maker a new car for 25.000 dollars or less, the equivalent of just over 22.000 euros. We move at a price for which VW e-ups, Twingo Electrics or E-Sarts are currently being sold. In the period that followed, however, it became quite quiet about the cheap current.

Tesla Model Q is supposed to collect golf class

However, according to the news portal Cnevpost, Chinese media reports are increasing, according to which Tesla has its new model in 2023 as a model Q for 24.Wants to bring $ 990 onto the market. The Stromer is to be driven by the Blade battery of the Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD. Chinese media had reported at the end of 2021 that Tesla had placed a first order over 10 gigawatt hours (GWH) battery at BYD.

Cheap-Tesla for 22.000 euros: he will come next year?-cheap-tesla
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Minivan electrically: This could look the VW ID2

Advertisementteslas China team rejected speculation on request and replied that there was currently nothing to know about it: "The messages about the Tesla Model Q are currently unfounded speculation".

According to the rumors, the Model Q should become a compact sedan that is supposed to resemble a smaller version of the Model 3, but the Model Q should receive a sportier rear. Tesla-typical, the car is to be offered in a long-distance, performance and a single engine version. Depending on the version, the acceleration should take between 3.9 seconds and 6.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, the range should be around 400 kilometers.

According to the rumors, the car is to be tested on the streets for the first time in the fourth quarter of this year – but then probably in China, where the Model Q should also go into production. That would match Musk’s ambitions, the 25.To launch 000 euro-Euro-Tesla in 2023.

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This article was written by Tobias Stahl

Meeting point charging station – a different kind of benzing talks

Cheap-Tesla for 22.000 euros: he will come next year?-come

German wave Meeting point charging station – a different kind of benzing talks

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16 thoughts on “Cheap-Tesla for 22.000 euros: he will come next year?”

  1. Mr. Sochgen for help….
    …and the bare data according to the 02.11.2021 "From the as combustion engine and plug-in hybrid … Available S-Class set Mercedes-Benz in the first three quarters of the year 62.306 units, an increase of 45 percent. The electrical EQs has only been on sale since August, the deliveries started in September. Mercedes-Benz could be eliminated in a full year if the demand continued in a full year.Discontinue 000 pieces. However, the electric car flagship would have to be as successful in the USA and China as in Europe." It should start there in the next few months. Mr. Sochgen, bring you to pay, according to which the € 100,000 model from Tesla is even closely located in these regions! They will never exist!

  2. @Vogel: 178.565.45 €
    I was just shushing through the configurator of the EQS 580 (not even the much more expensive AMG variant). I haven’t even selected every frills and I am still 178.565.45 €. As so often, they spread fake news here again when they claim that an EQS new price cannot be used for 178.Configure 000 EUR! By the way, that with the 2. and 3. The car also thought the car loudly. Is it really worth this price if you can buy a model S and 2 more BEV. His conclusion: you already have to like the EQs…

  3. My god blows!
    Copy in black and white, what you get on this insane 178,000 € and show it here. In addition, this is less about prices at Mercedes, but about the incredibly bad quality that Tesla offers for a price of € 100,000. Stay with your Teslafreude and leave it bad to make vehicles with better quality!

  4. @Sochgen
    Oh yes, truth really hurts when you twist it like her. Source YouTube? I don’t say anything about the quality. I stick to tests of renowned magazines. Drive with EQs from Munich to Berlin, after 610km around a plenty of 40km residual range. Used the directional speed 130, where possible. 178,000 €, where did you take it up? EQs compiled at Mercedes, large battery package 4-Matic, almost with full equipment, costs exactly € 147244, so I buy an ID3 as a second car. You should check the quality of your sources before you run the risk of taking ridiculous. As I said, I use renowned sources, so I ultimately don’t care what other forists unload here!

  5. Mr. Sochgen
    That’s affigently what you leave the stack. Daimler invented the car and since then brought countless innovations and built icons. Listen to pretend to be a Tesla the better car. Is not it.

  6. surprise ?
    Site or her writer should coordinate what you write it ! At the same time, Tesla reports that neither the super truck nor the Tesla-Mini is built….. What the now ? Ask at Elon ?!?

  7. Exciting
    At the same time you read at site that the development of a small Tesla is on ice and which certainly does not come in 2023. I think that too, would be next year. Insofar as only an article that does not contain any substance.

  8. Where is Tesla leading you ask yourself?
    In the construction of vehicles and production facilities, long -term planning, when the various sectors fed up, autonomous driving, integration of cars and services. Just because the EQs is a touch of a touch in some technical measurements than Teslas offers does not mean that these products can also be offered for the mass. The Tesla Versicherung alone becomes a cash cow. No insurer has the database that Tesla can use for the calculation of the individual premiums and no insurer can replace/repair with similar prices in the event of damage. Tesla Versicherung buys internally and vat-free. How can an insurer compete with money to be repaired in the open market.

  9. Tesla press spokesman Sochgen
    Love goodness, let out a Sermon. The degree of their delusion has reached a maximum of levels. I see everything completely different from her, just like the vast majority of people. If the Tesla is so great, how can it be that it is not the whole western world only buys Tesla? Can’t be all idiots, it is not true.

  10. Efficiency ?
    Is always liked to philosophize about the excellent efficiency of the apparent market leader. Is that the decisive point for cars, which are mainly moved in the city area and then still in the range below 100km/h ? After all, all the e-cars have to carry their battery. If the total weight would not be the problem ?????

  11. That’s the funny
    Although the Tesla is Scherer, it has less consumption (see. WLTP I3 and SR+). The weight is less than the air resistance.

  12. I am surprised that Mr. Feddermann,
    and have not left the co. Here you can see again that Tesla is still far ahead of the German electric cars. Tesla announces and delivers, if not always on time. German e-manufacturers only want to hunt and kill, and that with yesterday’s technology, still do not achieve the standard of Tesla!

  13. Funny, Mr. Harper
    Tesla therefore delivers, if not always on time. When does the cyberruck or the semi come? From the "hunt and kill" Only the media don’t talk the manufacturers, so much distinction must be. On the subject of Tesla would be ahead, take a look at the technology of an EQ or IX in detail. Then you may notice how wrong you have. You are just fanboy and unreasonable.

  14. Tesla will be leading again,…
    Since nothing comparable to the other competitors is in sight. Even the ID.2 of VW will not come to the Tesla in terms of efficiency – with its clutchy construction – with regard to efficiency. Have the German car manufacturers still haven’t understood what is important or cannot otherwise?

  15. Yeah, Mr. Hutzler
    I will never drive a Tesla because I don’t like AMI cars because I don’t like Tesla design and neither does the workmanship. Everything very legitimate reasons. If you are satisfied with Tesla, then everything is fine. The point is that I don’t constantly try to convince others of Tesla. Just like fanboys. For me everyone can drive what they want.

  16. so what ?
    First calculate the price correctly or there is no more VAT for Tesla ????? Could have been, maybe not a fact, but used very often in relation to Tesla. The golf competition is completely different and it was relatively easy because VW has killed the golf………


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