Chemistry Professor: “Climate goals can only be reached with battery cars”

Chemistry Professor:

E-mobility is increasingly gaining ride. But there are many skeptics. For Markus HOlle, however, the direction seems clear. The professor of electrochemistry in Ulm believes in the triumph of the battery car. Already now the pure electricity costs were on the level of a comparable diesel vehicle. The CO2 emissions in driving are even under those of the diesel at the current power mix, said HOlle in an interview with the “Tagesspiegel”.

He himself is surprised by the development in the field of batteries. The kilowatt hour currently still cost 130 to 180 euros, but Tesla have already announced $ 50 for the next generation – and Volkswagen Wolle. HOlle: “In a few years, the e-cars in the acquisition are therefore without subsidization competitive compared to diesel or gasoline drives.”Main driver of development are the CO2 limits of newly approved vehicles, which could only be achieved with much more E cars. With just under 400.000 new registrations 2020 have been Germany the second largest market – still behind China but for the first time in front of the USA.

The one million e-cars announced by Chancellor Merkel would now be reached for just a year later. This is quite a dot landing according to HOlle. New models would be presented in the market and politics support the market hood with buying bonuses of up to 9000 euros. In addition, the charging infrastructure and customers increasingly see the advantages of the E-car. “In short: The spell is broken, the industry has recognized the signs of time.”

That Tesla wants to build the world’s largest battery factory in front of the gates of Berlin, holds HOlle for a real announcement. VW wanted to build half a dozen battery works. “We get a technology to Europe, because the auto industry wants to have suppliers on site.”That’s a good signal. The trend towards ever new cell formats sees the professor left. Although Tesla has announced a significantly larger cell with 46 millimeters in diameters and 80 millimeters in the round cells under the name 46 800, the common format 21 700 will be needed for a long time. Cells of this type would be used in craftsmanship and garden equipment as well as in the automotive sector. HOlle: “In my opinion, there will be different formats in parallel in the future – these include round cells, pouch cells and prismatic formats.”

Whether a solid state battery actually meant a quantum leap in the end or only a significant improvement, one can not judge at the moment, so hell. “The entire battery development moves felt with light speed.”In the past, it gave a new car model every seven years – today every two years of electronic features would be upgraded and usually the battery equals with. Then get the range without anyone’s hand laid out – just over a new software in battery management. “The future looks like.”

Hydrogen at car, however, holds HOlle currently for no alternative. For a quick reduction in the CO2 values Battery vehicles are indispensable. “The fuel cell in the car area is just too late – although it was irritated for a few years ago just in Germany just before the market launch.”In addition, the supply of hydrogen is missing via a nationwide network of gas stations.

Basically, renewable electricity and green hydrogen are the two levers to achieve climate neutrality. The battery passe for car, in the truck area, on the other hand, fuel cells would have advantages. Due to the urgency and high demand, in a transitional period, hydrogen from fossil fuels should also be admitted. HOlle holds this for a parallel to today’s power supply of batteries. “No one is waiting for the day at which the German electricity will be 100 percent green electricity. And that’s just as well.”

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4 thoughts on “Chemistry Professor: “Climate goals can only be reached with battery cars””

  1. Mr. HOlle says:

    “… in the truck area, on the other hand, fuel cells would have advantages”

    In the weight and refueling, the H2 advantages are increasing.

    There are no advantages in the footprint and at the price H2 trucks are already disadvantageous today.

  2. Have at the Brunntaldreieck see a Mercedes WSS series. Although only water vapor was, I was overashed over the amount of water vapor. Smokes egg an old diesel from the 70s.

  3. I miss the statement that we need to move from the size and weight of the cars again in the other direction. That a person puts itself in a 2.5 ton vehicle to come from A to B can never be ecologically and not economic, but the latter will be ignored by Lord and Mrs. “I am important”!

  4. Yes, the spell is broken, the e-mobility takes on ride.
    Unfortunately, there are two other hurdles to take:

    • Energy Transfers (Energy Groups), who dismissed the BEV’s the fun at the CO2-free ride with the current electricity prices on the charging pillars and
    • The Mobility Transmitter (Oillobby, Automotive Industry and VDA in Germany), which is sold the burner, which is still sold with mendacious CO2 and NOx values.

    These market actors have joined together to make driving with a BEV unattractive in order to further complicate our lives on this planet through rising sales of the dirty burners and continue to screw the board bonuses and dividends.
    In addition, it can be done well. Only with taxpayers the charging column (up to 16.000 €) and the mains connection (up to 150.000 €) financed and then ripped off until a Euro per kW / h from the BEV driver. For the board bonuses and dividends and donations to the CDU / CSU.
    An end of the burner is long in sight and yet one can still sell the Germans with such means the Germans (dead horses), although they soon no longer can be sold as used cars.
    The owners of such cars must then set themselves to deliver them to a ridiculous amount to the exporters, which they then ship into the wide world so they there without Cat and diesel filter or ad-blue addition to another place of this World the destruction of the planet further firewire.
    Renewable energies and “green hydrogen” are the only solution for our descendants on this planet continue to lead a healthy life with nature.


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