Children’s bike helmets in the test: Certainly not too expensive

Children’s bike helmets in the test

Certainly not too expensive

Children's bike helmets in the test: Certainly not too expensive-bike
The ADAC tested eleven bicycle helmets like the UVEX Hero

Children's bike helmets in the test: Certainly not too expensive-children

Children’s helmet test: security for 20 euros
Children on the bike are the most endangered road users. Helmets are therefore particularly useful for the little ones. But which are good? For ten euros there is only "poor" security, but for only ten euros more a "good". This was the result of an ADAC test by children’s and youth helmets for bicycle and skateboard.

The cheap bike helmet Joey Monsun from Hudora is the only of eleven products that the ADAC devalued with "poor". In contrast, the Comus Petit shows that security does not have to cost a fortune. It is twice as expensive as the Hudora model, which then means a purchase price of manageable 20 euros. And the Comus Petit took fourth place in the test with the grade "good". In front of him are three more "good" helmets, the test winner Giro Rascal, the Hero of Uvex and the Firebird Junior from Alpina. The grade "very good" was not forgiven. Reason: The ADAC testers weighted the security at 65 percent and "good" in this segment was the best grade.
Hudora’s test loser noticed negatively that it did not exist according to DIN. According to the ADAC tester, this is a serious deficiency, since passing this test is necessary for approval.

Freeride helmets: cool but bad to see

Among the eleven helmets tested were also two so-called freeride helmets, as used by skaters, but also suitable for the bike. They are characterized by a trendy look, but this does not have to affect security negatively. With a grade of 4.0 with security, however, the KED Freeride is a secondary tester helmet in the test. It was devalued due to inadequate recognizability in the dark.
But other helmets also showed weaknesses in the recognizability. Many models now have active lighting, but only the proven reflectors help with failure or empty battery.

Good handling ensures frequent use

As part of the security test, the engineers also examined which strokes the helmets can withstand, how firm the chin tape is and what protection area they cover. So that the helmets can be easily supplied with their destiny, it is also important to have a comfortable handling. In the test result, this has a 35 percent result. It was about the weight, adjustability, the comfort of the wear, the ventilation including insect protection as well as the processing and the quality of the instructions.
The ADAC recommends specialist retailers for the purchase. There is usually the largest selection and expert advice here. The child should be there when you buy and try on the helmet. Not every individual head shape is equally suitable for every helmet. In addition, the child should be allowed to select when buying. Because only if the helmet is well sits and fells, it is also used.


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  1. What exactly was tested
    Would be interesting to find out the test criteria. According to everything I’ve read so far, a bicycle helmet is not reliable protection for serious head injuries. At most small injuries can be avoided. The benefits or safety of a bicycle helmet is well overestimated!


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