China manufacturer celebrates itself-because your e-cars do not burn-news

Chinese car manufacturer Aiways can hardly hide his pride. In a press release, the company has now announced that since the start of delivery of the SUV U5 in 2019, there was not a single built -in battery fire. "We have one of the safest batteries," said Vice President Xiaojie Gao. There are other problems for this, as we found in our test video.

The Chinese company, which has its headquarters in Shanghai and a representative in Munich, relies on a so-called sandwich battery for which Aiways have more than ten patents reported "Electric car". According to the company, this new generation of electricity storage not only improves vehicle stability, but also reduces the risk of safety incidents, especially battery beaches through separate wet and dry zones.

Sandwich battery with insulation shield

The special thing about the world’s first sandwich battery is an insulation sign that is installed between the battery module and the cooling plate. It is intended to prevent no expiring coolant from getting into the battery module even if there is a violent impact. In addition, according to Aiways Vice President Xiaojie Gao, the sign offers an insulating effect against the exchange of heat between the environment and the battery module.

The company’s press release speaks of no less than 580 intensive tests that the new batteries had to undergo, significantly more than the 51 official procedures that are required in China. These included electrical, chemical and physical tests. Among other things, various short -term final tests were carried out and ensured that the batteries did not refuse to serve even at extreme temperatures and after countless starting processes.

400 kilometers with a load

The new batteries, which Aiways also want to use in the U6, which is to be delivered from 2022, come from Catl, a large Chinese weight in the research and manufacture of batteries. A battery consists of 24 modules and has an extremely high energy density, according to Aiways. With a capacity of 63 kilowatts per hour, the SUV U5, the only model of the Chinese so far, can drive up to 400 kilometers with a load. The battery can be loaded from 30 to 80 percent of the charging capacity in just 27 minutes. Thanks to the ultra-laugh construction of the sandwich batteries, inmates in the U5 not only have more space. The volume of the trunk of 432 can also be used almost completely.

U5 does not play a role in Europe

In Europe, however, customers hardly appreciate such figures. According to the European approval statistics, only 390 Aiways U5 drive on our streets in 2021. This corresponds only to 0.1 percent of the market for e-cars. The Chinese car manufacturers don’t care. One now focuses entirely on the planned market launch of the U6 and the defense of the "Zero battery beaches"-Records.

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