China’s electric car sales grows by 118% & burning sales decreases by 13% in Q1 / 2019

China's electric car sales grows by 118% & burning sales decreases by 13% in Q1 / 2019-grows

The figures of the Chinese car association for the first quarter of 2019 are available. These show clearly, the sales of electric vehicles continues to increase rapidly, 118% compared to the previous year to more than 254.000 vehicles in the first quarter (117.000 vehicles in the same period of the previous year). Meanwhile, the sales of fossil vehicles compared to the previous year is 13% to 4.823.000 vehicles dropped (5.557.000 vehicles in the same period of the previous year).

Thus, China demonstrates again that there is electricity when it comes to the sales of electric cars. It can be stated that the growth of 118% is quite impressive compared to the previous year for Chinese circumstances. It should be considered that the numbers only consider the car area, the numbers for public transport (E-Buses) are not considered.

Sales of fossil fuels further decreases. It has recently been seeing that the sales of vehicles with fossil fuels declined in 2018, not only in China, but also in Europe and the USA. Current estimates for the worldwide total vehicle set in 2019 are according to LMC automotive with around ~ 89 million units, compared to ~ 95 million in 2018.

Quickly growing electric vehicle sales in all regions are of course a bright spot in an otherwise cloudy market and good news for reducing pollutant emissions and climate emissions. In China, of course, you immediately think of the local manufacturers such as BYD and GEELY, which seem quite satisfied with their previous paragraph. Tesla scored most Q1 China eV revenues of all non-local manufacturers. With advancement of the Gigafactory and their completion in 2019, this can be expected in the future with further growth.

In the course, the rating agency Fitch assumes that China’s electric car sales 2019 will have a good year despite possible disorders due to the changes in subsidies. With our colleagues of CLEANTechnica, it is believed that in China this year still falls the 2 million border on E-vehicles sold.

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