China sales are growing: strong for NIO, significantly stronger for XPeng!

China sales are growing: strong for NIO, significantly stronger for XPeng!-sales

In 2022 there seems to be only one direction for the Chinese flagship start-ups NIO and XPeng in terms of sales: upwards. However, at different speeds, as can be seen at the end of January 2022. NIO is up 33.6% YoY, while XPeng is up 115% YoY. But only a look at the absolute figures reveals how the companies are doing.

NIO delivered 9th in January 2022.652 vehicles, which corresponds to an increase of 33.6% compared to the same month last year. Deliveries included 1.531 ES8, the 7-seater electric SUV flagship, 5.247 ES6, medium sized SUV, as well as 2.874 EC6, as Nio calls his SUV coupe. Until 31. January 2022 reached the cumulative deliveries of the ES8, ES6 and EC6 176.722 vehicles. For further growth in the future, a model is likely to ensure that. On the 18th. In December 2021, Nio organized the Nio Day 2021 in Suzhou and introduced the ET5 to a Premium’s medium-class premium electrical sedan, whose delivery in September 2022 should begin. The new Limousine ET5 from NIO provided its launch for great excitement.

In addition, Nio recorded 2022 more important progress in January 2022. So became Aspen 3.0.5 no released. An operating system developed exclusively for Norway, for users on the local market, which represents the first firmware over-the-air (FOTA) update outside of China. Aspen is the intelligent operating system of NIO vehicles, which is based on the NIO technology platform 1.0 (NT1.0) based. until 31. As of January 2022, NIO has distributed FOTA updates over 1.3 million times to its users, releasing 199 new features and 401 improvements.

If you now look at the expansion of the charging, sales and service network, you can also see an acceleration. until 31. January 2022 NIO has 836 power swap stations, 3.766 Power Charger and 3.Built 656 Destination Chargers and opened 42 NIO Houses, 341 NIO Spaces, 55 NIO Service Centers and 180 Authorized Service Centers across China.

Looking at the absolute numbers at XPeng shows that in January 12.922 electric cars could be delivered. This corresponds to the aforementioned growth of 115% compared to the previous year. The monthly delivery mark of 10.000 units exceeded for the fifth month in a row. January deliveries included 6.707 P7, the company’s sporty smart sedan. In addition, the company was able to.186 G3 and G3i smart SUVs and 4.029 P5 smart family sedans, which will be released on 15. September were officially launched sell. This corresponds to an increase of 81% compared to the same month last year for the P7 series. until 31. As of January 2022, the company has a total of more than 150.000 Smart EV delivered.

The start-up is currently carrying out a technology upgrade at its plant in Zhaoqing, using the planned production stop during the Chinese New Year celebrations from the end of January to the beginning of February. The upgrade will allow for accelerated delivery of the significant 2021 backlog and position the company to better serve increasing demand in the new year.

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5 thoughts on “China sales are growing: strong for NIO, significantly stronger for XPeng!”

  1. I am very excited to see how the manufacturers of BEVs in China, the USA and Europe will grow in 2022 – and who will grow by how much.

    I’m particularly interested in the excuses of those who grow little.
    We will probably often hear “lack of chips and supply chains” – and “no one could have expected the need” is certainly a popular excuse.

    Time will tell 😉

  2. It should be really exciting in 2-3 years. Then the chip crisis will be over and the subsidy programs will probably have expired. Then real competition should set in and prices should start to move. Anyone who can then hold or even gain market share can proudly publish sales figures. But there will definitely not be many, and one or the other well-known brand will certainly disappear from the market in the medium term..

  3. Tesla and the Chinese have the supply chains well under control. It’s logical that you now want to flood the market while others are pumped about ideas and concepts, but can’t deliver anything effectively. Unfortunately, the cars are consistently better than all the European, so-called premium manufacturers. It’s really exciting to see how the car industry is being turned inside out. The main thing is that electrification is progressing.
    Happy is he who is not a brand fetishist or troll. Like me, he can always decide freely and choose the best. Currently probably Tesla, Nio, Polestar, Rivian.

  4. I always find it impressive how many commentators here obviously really want the end of the German car manufacturers. I can’t understand where this resentment comes from.

  5. “I always find it impressive how many commentators here obviously really want the end of the German car manufacturers.”

    Obviously it’s probably just your one-sided perception, I see it more as a sober consideration of the homemade problems of some special ones i.eGerman carmaker!

    “I can’t understand where this came frome resentment comes.”

    Incomprehensible for you it is obvious that most of them are not concerned with jealousy, but rather with damage limitation: “… if they keep going like this…”


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