China wants to see much more hydrogen vehicles on the street

China wants to see much more hydrogen vehicles on the street-street

By 2030, China wants to see millions of fuel cell vehicles on the street. Strong driven by the new fleet consumption measurement from 2025. About that the hydrogen drive is in focus, we could already enlighten the end of 2019. Since that was rather quiet. But now it seems that China wants to bring significantly more hydrogen vehicles to the streets. The city of Beijing has published its ambitious goals.

The news page reports that now more than ten provinces and cities have published their plans for the development of vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell. Finally, the city of Beijing called its goals: until the end of the year 2023, 37 hydrogen tank stations are to be created and 3.000 hydrogen vehicles come on the road. Up to 2025 should already be over 10.000 Hydrogen cars be traveling. The expansion of the gas stations should also proceed further, up to 2035 will be over 5.000 of these gas stations be built. Insofar the own plans can be implemented.

Already today comes about 30 kilometers south of Beijing in Daxing Daxing on about 200.000 square meters The “Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone”. On this area the energy carrier should be commercialized. Decisive for this location is the convenient location at nodes, important highways lead by. In addition, the 2019 open airport Beijing-Daxing is not far away.

One first, great success has already been recorded. Because on the spot the largest hydrogen filling station in the world was completed. In operation this is not yet. This is still lacking the authorization of the government. But this is intended, the daily capacity is to be 4.8 tons of hydrogen – to 16 refueling guns; 600 vehicles could be refueled daily. In order to put the whole in relation to a few numbers: at the end of 2020 there was around 7 in China.300 vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell, most of them commercial vehicles. By 2025 it should be between 50.000 and 100.000 vehicles, in 2035, the government strives for one million units.

The Hydrogen Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance of China expects a production value of the hydrogen industry to reach a trillion yuan by 2025; This corresponds to around 130 billion euros. Demand for hydrogen will approach 60 million tonnes. At present, the Alliance assumes that hydrogen will make up more than ten percent of the country’s end energy mix.

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6 thoughts on “China wants to see much more hydrogen vehicles on the street”

  1. I have recently explained a customer: “I drive my V8 diesel until I can convert him to hydrogen
    Well, then we will probably not solve our climate problem ..

  2. I suppose mainly for construction vehicles, trucks, buses and co?

    and not cars, or?

    Why is China otherwise counterpart his big e-mobility lead?

  3. Has anyone already heard of Germany so concrete numbers? In China you seem to have pretty concrete ideas: 10% of the final energy mix. That sounds like politics have seriously put apart with the topic and has given meaningful goals. With us you hear only “hydrogen is the future” cruise, without calling concrete scenarios. I find 10% really sounds meaningful. As a small building block for a CO2 neutral future. And also the gas station, sounds like it would be usable with 16 dispensing columns. For us, a few pilot plants are made for expensive money with a tap, which also often fail. The planned filling density seems to be slightly higher than the current expansion with us. The area of China is about 26 times as big as Germany. As seen, the expansion 2035, 186 gas stations on the area of Germany. For some niches this will definitely become something, but after the big solution does not sound. 1MIO FCEV at 1.4 billion inhabitants is below 1 FCEV / 1.000 people.


  4. Then I want to expect something with these numbers.

    In order to put the whole in relation to a few numbers: at the end of 2020 there was around 7 in China.300 vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell, most of them commercial vehicles. By 2025 it should be between 50.000 and 100.Be 000 vehicles, In 2035, the government strives for a million units.

    First determine the figures of the population of China and GermanLan..

    For the year 2021 the total population becomes Chinas Around 1.41 billion inhabitants forecast.

    (Source: DE.statista.COM)


    To 31. March 2021 lived 83.1 million people in Germany.


    Factor is about. 17 (16,967 …) To 1.

    1 million. H2 / BZ vehicles 2035 in China correspond to almost 5.900 in Germany – barely worth talking.

  5. Hydrogen is unlimited: as in the sky, so also on earth

    His under economic but also climate aspects meaningful production and use in both industrial, as well as in mobility will not be stopped and is also very desirable. It takes a bit longer than in the battery technology, which, despite its 150-year history, has only developed rapidly in recent years – but their basic requirement but still environmentally polluting and social z.T. is problematic.
    Fortunately, we invest (in Europe) for appropriate H2 researchers, otherwise China and East Asia will win the race unrivaled.

  6. So count.

    600 vehicles can be refueled per day to 16 dispensers. So these are 38 vehicles per dispenser and day … I’ll go from this, which is installed on this grand tank station the most modern technology.

    No, clear, there are no chance of battery cars ..

    BTW: 1 mil. Hydrogen vehicles would not be converted to the population.000 in Germany. And that is only 2035.
    This message is quite a lot of hot air.


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