China: Wuling Hong Guang Mini eV reaches 30.000 Sales per month

China: Wuling Hong Guang Mini eV reaches 30.000 Sales per month-mini

The Wuling Hong Guang Mini eV is more successful than the Tesla Model 3 when it comes to the absolute paragraph of e-cars in China. According to Europe, the Stromer should also come, as a FREZ Nikrob. But let’s leave our focus on the Chinese electrical automotive. There, the small stromer has been the best-selling E-car for eleven months in a row. Alone last month could be 30.706 E vehicles are deposited.

In July, the paragraph of this entry-level electric vehicle was described in Chinese media at 30.706 pieces. Insideevs assumes that significantly more vehicles could be sold, but there are problems in production, due to high demand. The news portal shows that a total of more than 320.000 Wuling Hong Guang Mini EVs on the roads are on the road, of which about 200.000 The alone came to the street alone in 2021.

The first electric car of the Chinese brand Wuling, which sprang from a joint venture between General Motors, the Chinese Autoconzern Saic Motors and the Chinese Guangxi Automobile Group, has developed 2020 to the bestseller in China. 2021 this will find this way to Europe. As a European version of the China Stromer, the box-like small car with two doors from Dartz Motorz from Latvia presents itself. In the already mentioned, rather Spartan variant, Freze Nikrob. In addition, Wuling strives for a higher-quality variant for the European market with the “Macaron”. The name is this program, because like the French pastry also comes the stromer colorful in three exclusive pastel colors on the street.

Decisive for success in China is certainly not least the extremely low price of Hongguang Mini eV. Depending on the equipment, this commutes between 28.800 and 38.800 Chinese yuan. This is approximately equal to equal to a price range between 3.500 and 4.800 euros. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the future, because after more than a year in the market, several other manufacturers have introduced similar, very affordable entry-level models or work on it.

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4 thoughts on “China: Wuling Hong Guang Mini eV reaches 30.000 Sales per month”

  1. After the EUP from VW has also been bought like crazy, it shows that a very high demand for a small cheap eauto also has a very high demand. Such a small at 9.900 € would be sure a hit.
    But after but chips like batteries are in short supply, all rather build the big profitable cars. If there were enough Eautos we certainly have a share of 20-25% in the new registrations.

  2. My problem with such a vehicle would be the non-existent safety equipment.
    Airbag is wrong indication or ? – There are at least automatic straps?
    How would such a vehicle fit in a frontal chromatic scenario at 50% coverage?
    But hey – everyone like he wants – there are also lots of motorcyclists &# 128578;
    Freedom without risk does not exist

  3. Now other countries other cars. There is not really something here. Maybe the Dacia Spring. I drove the 2 days. Does his service. No more and no less. Drive backwards as with spaceship Enterprise. He needs little and comes with his 27 kWh battery also loose 200 km. By the way, the 45 hp are flotter than you say. But is not my car. That’s too many compromises. But such cars have such as China sees their potential. Many just want to be electrically from A to B. Since the manufacturer did everything right.

  4. Glad that many such riders happen in China ..

    When will the day come to which the Asians run around in Europe with mask and at home not because there is the air pureer than with us &# 128521;

    Another step for good climate

    It remains exciting


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