Chip crisis in car manufacturers intensifies – but has a positive effect

"A chance for car manufacturers"

Chip crisis in car manufacturers intensifies – but also has a positive effect

Chip crisis in car manufacturers intensifies - but has a positive effect-intensifies
Daimler The effects of the chip lack will be noticeable for a long time.

  • Site author Patrick Solberg

The chip crisis keeps the automotive world in suspense and seems to get worse and worse. The cars of Germany, Japan, USA and China are particularly affected by the bottlenecks in silicon chips. Experts consider one aspect to be positive.

Last year the semiconductor crisis had made itself significantly less noticeable because of the corona pandemic because the economy had driven down and adjusted its productions. This year it looks much worse despite continuing pandemic, because more is produced and more in demand is being asked. But the production of the semiconductor does not come close. In response to this, the analysts of Global Data have corrected the forecasts for real economic growth by 0.14 percentage points for Germany, 0.23 for Japan, 0.45 for the USA and 0.25 percentage points for China downwards.

Economic growth: forecast goes down

"It is not surprising that Germany, Japan, the United States and China have felt the economic effects of the chip shortage as a large vehicle manufacturer," explains Gargi Rao, economic research analyst at Global Data, "the vehicle sales were already stalling in August 2021 , and it is expected that the inventory will continue to be cut in the coming months."

Chip crisis in car manufacturers intensifies - but has a positive effect-crisis
Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press/Tns via Zuma Wire/dpa Workers carry out a final check in a paint shop by General Motors in Flint. The largest US car maker was hit particularly hard by the industry-wide chip delivery bottlenecks in the past quarter.

According to Global Data, the sales market for cars and light commercial vehicles in September declined by an average of 26 percent in Western Europe and North America in September. In the United States, where the real growth forecasts were corrected by the most down, vehicle sales in September decreased by almost 25 percent, followed by Great Britain with a loss of 34.9 percent. It hardly looked better in Germany, because vehicle sales were reduced by more than 22 percent in August. The situation was similar with a decline of 17.3 percent in the USA in the United States and China also lost 10.5 percent.

Japan gets it comparatively lightly from it

The decline in Japan was significantly less noticeable, where there was a narrow minus of 2.26 percent. However, it is expected that they will continue to sink in the coming months – especially because of Toyota’s 40 percent production cutting, which will further increase the gap between supply and demand.

The Putin plan: "We do not deliver any more gas until you brecht your laws"

Chip crisis in car manufacturers intensifies - but has a positive effect-chip

Site/Wochit The Putin plan: "We do not deliver any more gas until you brecht your laws"

"We observe that the production plans of the vehicle manufacturers will continue to be disturbed in the fourth quarter due to the chip shortage," says David Leggett, automotive analyst at Global Data, "long leading times for the expansion of the semiconductor production capacities mean that there is no quick solution for the delivery bottlenecks. In fact, the delivery difficulties for the auto industry are still likely to exist in early 2022, even if the bottlenecks are gradually relaxing at some companies."

Lief chains have to be re -evaluated

The missing microchips are by no means only noticeable in the auto industry. Gargi Rao: “The shortage of microchips and other industrial components hinders economic recovery in 2021 – and forces companies and political decision -makers in the automotive industry to re -rate their supply chains.

The requirement of the hour is to reduce the dependence on a handful of Asian and American suppliers. The defect does not only affect the automotive sector. Companies that produce consumer electronics are also severely affected by this. In the short term, retailers could pass on the rising costs to their customers, which could dampen the demand."

Chip crisis in car manufacturers intensifies - but has a positive effect-manufacturers
Cattle man Currently rather unusual: new cars with high discounts at a car dealer. Due to the semiconductor crisis, many new cars are delivered very delayed – this lowers the discount pressure

In addition, the persistent closures in many countries in the Asian-Pacific area have sustainably interrupted the global supply chains in the electronics and solar industry. The increasing demand for solar energy and the silicon prices that have increasing since June 2021 have affected the production facilities in the region. The analysts from Global Data expect that silicon prices for the rest of the year remain roughly at the current level and can only be alleviated by increasing production.

"This is a positive aspect in the long term"

For the car manufacturers, however, the chip crisis is not consistently disadvantageous. David Legget: “The chip shortage is a kind of double-edged sword. It not only raises the transaction prices for sold vehicles at short notice, but also forces companies to seriously check their supply chains with regard to transparency and risk reduction strategies – a positive aspect in the long term."

Berliners develop tandem cells and crack world record in solar technology

Chip crisis in car manufacturers intensifies - but has a positive effect-intensifies

Clixoom Berliners develop tandem cells and crack world record in solar technology

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16 thoughts on “Chip crisis in car manufacturers intensifies – but has a positive effect”

  1. logic ?
    Is actually optimal: finally everyone can do the topic "sustainability" inevitably one … Is actually optimal: finally everyone can do the topic "sustainability" inevitably. You have to be just "old one" Just continue to use the car. The industry is allowed to "Supply chain" rethink. Whether they come up with the right results….may be doubted…..

  2. But also has a positive effect
    What is not mentioned: Our children and adolescents took to the streets on Fridays and now they are experiencing that political commitment pays off. You just have to stay on the subject long enough. Fewer cars are good for the climate and also means less fine dust,

  3. The chip deficiency
    has nothing to do with the infantile on Friday demos. If the children and adolescents are committed to saving the world, then they should go ahead with actions, no toogo drinks and food, reduce cell phone use, do not let Mami go to school or to demo…

  4. Good old times
    It wasn’t that long ago that there were plenty of cars practically without chips. Some of them still drive today. The moving cell phones are apparently not the wisdom last conclusion if 8m extreme cases then paralyzes a single missing or defective chip of the whole car.

  5. How about sustainability?
    The favorite friend of the climate should be sustainable products – now even cars can be described as disposable products. After the manufacturing quality for a long life even the small car was enough, it is now with tons of electronics (scrap?) Stopped. Consumption must be kept going.

  6. Yes / Yes
    This reminds me of times when in every larger company management consultant of all coleur have calculated how and to what extent shopping and storage costs can be saved.According to the motto, only what you for Max.4 weeks needs.The markets are so saturated, you will get it again and again promptly. Well …and now ?Now are those who have recorded their camps and logistics strategy.And these are the medium -sized companies.As in private.Preservation is out of date and therefore out, there is everywhere and everything to buy.It will soon be called to be proven to reduce the suboptimal resource management in detail. Good who has stayed with the tried and tested and can now lean back calmly …

  7. It is
    Always again the same nonsense that is spread in the press. Russia is to blame that the gas is expensive and there is little, the chip manufacturers are to blame that there are too few chips, etc. The fact is, however, that some very clever orders have canceled and the manufacturers have been looking for other markets and they are now supplied. I would do it too. If these high -nutty buyers can appear in the landlord then they have been unlucky now and the manufacturers show you where the frog has the curls. VW, Daimler, BMW and how they are called everything now find that they are not the navel of the world. This is called the market economy

  8. Oh well
    You are actually of the opinion that buyers of corporations act with the argument of high grass? Do not think that a purely economic basis and contracts are the basis for decisions? Of course, decisions can be wrong. But that is something completely different from snootiness.

  9. Sounds like:
    “He’s there, the price shock. Good this way!“Each crisis certainly has its profiteers, but you don’t have to search for supposedly positive effects with all violence "the people" Crises to want to talk nice too.

  10. For at least part of the lack of microchip
    the increasing number of electrical and hybrid vehicles could also be responsible. Their complex control for batteries and drive is no longer mechanical, but fully electronic. Some important chip manufacturers will probably change their production capacities quietly and quietly to this future market and have reduced the production of chips for engine controls for this. Actually a chance for the smaller chip manufacturers if it no longer pays off for the large companies for a shrinking and soon completely breaking market.

  11. Shortened and terminated delivery contracts
    It already affects older standard chips that diverse in telecommunications, medical technology, etc. to be settled – not newer chips. The vehicle industry shortened and terminated delivery contracts for various semiconductor components last year. The component manufacturers have looked around and found for other customers. So there are lower quantities for the car manufacturers.

  12. Can get worse
    The positive effect could also be that the German motor vehicle industry still produces unfinished cars for the heap and that the vehicles can build the vehicles ready for chip. However, the situation is different at the beginning of next year when the warehouses of aluminum and magnesium will run out, because China currently has no export of magnesium and aluminum – saving energy due to climate is the official announcement on the part of China.

  13. That’s how it looks…..
    Is the crisis really or is it more controlled again, from whom….. However, there are more than enough used at all ages. So don’t panic !

  14. That will be with the
    "used" At some point, cars don’t look different than currently on the graphics card market. For 5 year old models you now pay twice the sales price at that time. 🙂

  15. Only happens to the overqualified boss
    Since we only have top managers in FRG, the 50% of their time to continue to apply and are not afraid of mistakes or passion, the saying arises: we do not save what it costs. Good employees with passion are no longer promoted. The internal termination has taken place. It counted performance, now the titles.

  16. I hope I realize your contribution correctly?
    I feel sick when I read an application or a requirement profile on a job advertisement. The main thing is that the simplest activities are swollen up. The performance then moves in the third area of the written.


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