CIRRANTiC wants to make driving an electric car easier – for everyone!

CIRRANTiC wants to make driving an electric car easier - for everyone!-wants

Ulrich Heitmann, one of the two managing directors of CIRRANTiC, took the time in autumn 2021 to read about electric car podcast about their business and their contribution to the establishment of electromobility. The look behind the scenes of the company, which was founded in 2014, was particularly exciting, as its importance for the e-mobility community only becomes apparent at second glance.

CIRRANTiC has made it its mission to make the public charging experience pleasant and easy. This is essentially done by the fact that the company makes the relevant information available in a wide variety of ways on individual charging points, and this is now available for over 280.000 charging points worldwide (as of October 2021). At its core, the company’s work consists of aggregating data about charging stations, enriching it with further information and making corrections if necessary. The resulting database is then offered to other companies or is used in their own offer Moovility and the White label variants.

The company’s customers use the data in different depths to implement their own websites or apps in their own corporate design. Well-known examples from the e-mobility scene are certainly both the website loading, as well as the Mapsites and Apps of Lidl, Lichtblick, Vlotte and EVN containing information about the previously defined charging stations. The information depth to individual charging stations can be different in this case. From the pure display that there is such charging station, via plug type, charging power, utilization and which loading rates / apps can be used everything is possible.

CIRRANTiC‘s best-known customers include Google and Apple, who use their data for their own maps on the Internet. It shows that Google goes a little deeper in terms of data and makes it available to electric car drivers. It will be even more interesting for e-car drivers who use Android Automotive from Google in their vehicle. There, the drivers receive information about the occupied status of the respective charging station, and in an expansion stage also information about when the column will be free again. Regardless of Android Automotive, car manufacturers such as KIA, Hyundai, Honda and the VW Group also access the data from CIRRANTiC directly and incorporate it into their own systems.

The outlook on the topic of voice control was also exciting in the conversation with Ulrich. Keyword: Alexa. This can currently already be used in the vehicle (if available) with the appropriate skills and provide information about the nearest charging station. It is also possible to “observe” a charging station, Alexa then provides information when it is available again. A fine thing.

With its own digital wallet, the company is launching a solution for e-car drivers that makes charging extremely easy. So you can bring together all your analog charging cards and apps in this wallet. From now on, a charging process can also be started via this app (wallet) as well as in Apple Carplay, Android Auto (from autumn 21) and Alexa and the charging history can be viewed across providers. But honestly, just listen to Ulrich Heitmann to find out more in detail.

You are also welcome to e-mail me with questions about e-mobility that concern you in everyday life. The answer to this may also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, about criticism, comments and Co. I’m happy of course. So feel free to contact us, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And of course I’m also very happy about a positive rating from the podcast provider of your choice! thank you.

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