Citroën Ami before the German market launch, he is withdrawing

Citroën Ami before the German market launch, he is withdrawing-market

With the new Ami, Citroën is presenting an urban, purely electric model at the beginning of March 2020, which is characterized by a compact design and high comfort and offers space for two people. In 2022 he should then find his way to Germany. Long after more than 2.000 electric vehicles in Italy and 6.500 are traveling in France. But now the Citroën Ami is not coming to Germany.

The electric “friend” is currently being rolled out in Spain, Belgium and Portugal. The small two-seater will also soon be available in larger numbers in Great Britain – with left-hand drive. For Germany, one initially seems to have to do without the “unique mobility experience” of the Ami. The reason for this is the sister company Opel. Because in the summer of 2021, with the Opel Rocks-e, they presented a slightly modified version of the Stromer. With the Rocks-e, Opel presents its first SUM. The abbreviation stands for Sustainable Urban Mobility. With the emission-free entry-level electric car, Opel wants to provide an answer to the new mobility requirements of our time.

Reason enough to make the decision at the headquarters of Stellantis (Peugeot-Citroën, DS, Opel, Fiat, Abarth, Alfa-Romeo, Lancia, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge) to leave the German market to Opel. Certainly not least to save sales and marketing costs. Although it does not yet seem entirely impossible that the Ami will come to Germany after all. The head office in Germany states: “Given the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the time required to implement a fully digital sales experience – from ordering to delivery – for this unique mobility solution, it is important to use our resources as optimally as possible. Therefore, in 2021, Citroën will focus on these countries (mentioned above) when the Ami is launched on the market, before the Ami is introduced in other countries.”

With the 2.41 meter short two-seater, Opel is consistently continuing its electric offensive. The manufacturer is expanding its model portfolio below the Corsa-e with a battery-electric SUM that everyone, from young novice drivers to suburban commuters, can afford. Because the starting price for the new Opel Rocks-e will be well below that of a small car and the leasing rate will be on the same monthly level as a ticket for local public transport. Interesting arguments to convince potential buyers. From the sales of the Ami in France one could learn, among other things, that the low price of the microcar was the number one selling point.

Incidentally, Opel is not yet ready to reveal what the Opel Rocks-e will cost in Germany. There is only talk of a price “under 10.000 euros”. An environmental bonus or purchase premium has not yet been granted for this type of vehicle in Germany.

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6 thoughts on “Citroën Ami before the German market launch, he is withdrawing”

  1. So a price of 9999 euros would definitely be too expensive for this vehicle, the Ami should only cost 6900 euros. but in Germany everything is considerably more expensive than in other EU countries (compared to income)

  2. I would now wait another 1 year and see what the Chinese throw on the market in the EU – at the latest then you will also get quality at a low price..

  3. My God, why does Opel have to use these highly distressing bright yellow applications? The designer definitely needs to be locked away.

  4. If the Rocks are too expensive, that’s not a bad thing either. Citroen wants to prevent exports to Germany, among other things by refusing to fulfill the guarantee for Ami registered in Germany. But as far as I know, there are already court cases to stop this practice, which is illegal in the EU.

  5. Since Germany of all places is to be excluded, but not Brexit Great Britain, I suspect a significant price increase if the small vehicle with the Opel logo comes to Germany.

    Better a Microlino 2.0 in a 45 km/h variant with a more stable body made of pressed parts than the thin square tubes of the Citroen Ami or. Opel e-Rocks that are version 1.0 of the Microlino still had.

    Young people from the age of 15 (also older drivers without / with a driver’s license) are better off in an L6e vehicle than on a 45 km/h scooter, they also have weather protection and space for luggage.

    if e.g.B. a VW up as a combustion engine for about 11.000 euros can be produced, then a “half portion” (L7e or L6e) with a small electric motor and small battery should be feasible for the same price.

    Large manufacturers from Europe could order small e-cars in China, which already exist there, with a more stable body and better equipment at a low price and sell them online with us. Expensive advertising would not be necessary, the many environmentalists could do that with their websites.

  6. The fact that the range always has to serve as a horror scenario is getting boring, 100km is sufficient for the city and the small battery saves resources. Always this German maximum thinking, it should really slowly become clear to us that something has to change and these small city hoppers for short distances are also part of it. We don’t get everything by bike in every season.
    I myself have been using a small Smart to commute for years because public transport in the country is not enough, it works great.


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