Citroën Ami: Better than a moped – impressions of the City Stromer

Citroën Ami: Better than a moped - impressions of the City Stromer-citroën

The part is the rolling waiver. Only 45 kilometers per hour slowly, the seats made of plastic – and even the sun visor costs extra. In the past, people would have laughed out loud at a rolling obstacle designed like a cable car gondola, or they would have run away. But earlier was earlier.

Today you can actually imagine a tiny car like the Citroën Ami. Definitely in France, where it’s sold – and especially in Paris. The lightning cube is electric, at 2.41 meters it is 28 centimeters shorter than the original Smart – and off the main roads in the French capital the speed limit is 30 anyway. So what’s the point of another big hum with which you can hardly get into third gear and always get lost when looking for a parking space?

Citroën Ami: Better than a moped - impressions of the City Stromer-city

First of all, the Ami is not a car at all. Even if it remotely looks like it. Officially, you get into a class L6e-BP “light four-wheeler for passenger transport”. In plain language, this means that in Germany it is sufficient to have a driver’s license in the AM class and you can drive the little box from the age of 16 – in some federal states even from the age of 15. Like an e-scooter with a roof. Just safer and more comfortable. Not just in the rain. In Germany, however, the Ami is not officially sold. The part will soon be rolling here as Opel e-Rocks. Identical vehicle, but stop flash instead of double angle.

Even getting started is unusual. Firstly, because the Ami looks from the front as from behind – and because the doors are hinged differently. The friend opens up in front for the driver and vice versa for the passenger. The reason is simple in both cases: what is identical does not cost extra. And so around 250 components are enough for the Ami. That’s a tenth of conventional cars.

Schmalhans also went under the designers for the rest. Steering wheel adjustment: none. Trunk: not available. ABS: not applicable. Instead of door handles, there are loops, instead of comfortable chairs, plastic-covered tubular frames. In most city buses you sit more elegantly. Otherwise, however, the Ami would not even come close to the 7.000 euros, for which it is sold – including funding. Optionally you pay around 2.600 euros and leases for 20 euros a month. At least they didn’t save on the seat belts at Citroën. They wouldn’t be a requirement at all.

Citroën Ami: Better than a moped - impressions of the City Stromer-city

Presumably it had to be the French of all people who dared to carry out such an experiment. They have always been courageous – also when it comes to design. And it hasn’t always earned them recognition. It was a rattle box called 2CV, which – along with the Beetle – mobilized the masses. And animated to affectionate nicknames. Practical, but also incredibly cheap. Small reminiscence: the windows of the Ami fold up as well as the duck.

It is not without reason that the spartan vehicle can be seen as an entry into e-mobility. Even at a very young age. It is suitable for people in the city as well as for young people in the country who do not want to or are not allowed to drive mopeds. And quite a few parents should be happy not to have to constantly play taxi for their offspring. Four wheels are somehow better than two for beginners, not to mention the steel frame all around. And on top of that, the Ami educates to slow down.

Citroën Ami: Better than a moped - impressions of the City Stromer-impressions

In any case, a little composure while driving can’t hurt. You don’t just feel like you’re sitting at the rear window and you practically have the whole car in front of you. Whole car sounds exaggerated. Steering wheel, speedometer with range indicator, pedals for propulsion and brakes – and on the left, next to the seat, the buttons for the direction of travel. In addition, turn signals, light switches and horn. That’s all. Oh yes: a shelf between the valance and the front glazing plus hooks for a backpack or handbag.

When you start it gets loud instead of fast. The 6 kW motor sounds more like a cordless mower, but it does provide propulsion. After all, the vehicle including the battery does not even weigh 500 kilos. Ideally, the battery should last for 75 kilometers, realistically 50. Especially if the route sometimes leads uphill. You hardly benefit from the subsequent gradient because the Ami only recuperates a little. More complex technology would simply have been too expensive. It is charged at the normal household socket – after around three hours the 5.5 kWh battery is full again.

Citroën Ami: Better than a moped - impressions of the City Stromer-stromer

What the Ami owes in terms of speed, he makes up for in the bustling inner-city traffic. No annoying C-pillar, turning works at a manageable 7.20 meters, and you can also stand across in free gaps. Let the others mock – while they make lap after lap for a free parking space..

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4 thoughts on “Citroën Ami: Better than a moped – impressions of the City Stromer”

  1. “…rolling obstacle in the design of a cable car gondola”. Muhahaha. That’s the nice thing about such a freak, that at least as a reviewer you can show what you’re linguistically good at.

  2. The biggest obstacle for this vehicle class is the maximum permissible speed:
    At 45 km/h you are guaranteed to become the hated object of the slowed-down other road users.
    Swimming along in city traffic at 60 km/h would not be a problem – the legislature would be asked to make a reasonable and realistic change!

  3. Nobody needs a box in the city. There are buses and trains. But for 16-year-olds in the village to get an education, it makes sense.

  4. Another L6e vehicle with “luxury” equipment.

    Silence S04: Tiny electric car from Spain


    … a two-seater, … and one trunk, in which “luggage, shopping bags and light sports equipment” can be stowed, ..


    Included in the standard equipment electric windows, central locking, sound system with Bluetooth, a 7.0-inch TFT screen, multifunction steering wheel, smartphone holder and more. ABS and air conditioning are provided as options.

    In terms of mechanics, the Silence S04 is available in two versions: L7e and L6e, both rear-wheel drive and removable trolley batteries.


    … Company sources say that the S04 will be available before the Summer 2022 will come … . As far as cost goes, it will Entry price expected to be around 7.500 euro lie.

    (Source: – 21.October 2021)

    Next year, the range of L6e and L7e electric vehicles will continue to grow.


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