Citroën Ami – small car from France will come to Germany later

Citroën Ami - small car from France will come to Germany later-germany

With the new Ami, Citroën presents an urban, pure electric model at the beginning of March 2020, which is characterized by a compact design and high comfort and space for two persons. Until he comes to Germany, however, it will take a little bit. Originally it was planned that in the first quarter 2021 on German roads. Now it should be 2022.

The decisive factor for this is the fact that it is not a classic electric car. Rather, the Ami is a so-called light vehicle. You can drive this in France from 14 years with the driving license class on. With us on some federal states from 15 years is possible, but usually only from 16. The French Stromer is one of the class L6E-BP and carries only one insurance license plate in Germany. At the same time, the manufacturer bypasses the far more elaborate safety regulations for right cars. Airbags are therefore looking for in vain in the AMI. The environmental bonus / purchase bonus for E-cars is therefore not available for this reason for the compact stromer.

In France, the AMI starts at 6.000 Euro after deduction of 900 euros premium. For Germany, prices are not fixed yet, but they should move in a similar frame according to 2020 statements. Nevertheless, it is 100 percent electric: No local CO2 emissions offer the AMI in the future access to all city centers and quiet, comfortable driving operation. The 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery is completely charged in only about three hours on a household socket.

Nevertheless, the stromer has to fight with the market environment. The largest competitor should be the Dacia Spring Electric. Wait with four doors, four places, air conditioning as standard, 33 kW (45 hp) and 125 km / h top. Thus, there is also a surcharge of just under 4.000 Euro significantly more car. Why should you strike at Ami?? At the request of INSIDEEVS, Citroën tells, “it was decided on a market launch in Europe staggered in several phases. There is a very high demand in France, Benelux, Spain, Italy and Portugal, so Citroën focuses on these countries in 2021 market launch from AMI to these countries before the AMI is introduced in other countries.”

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6 thoughts on “Citroën Ami – small car from France will come to Germany later”

  1. Pretty ugly, the little one. But that’s personal taste. I see the competition less in Spring than the Microlino. He triggers at least one pile of positive emotions.
    However, I trust the French rather to put a technically reasonable vehicle for everyday operation on the wheels.

    well, let’s see ..

  2. The “steel tube” frame of the Citroen Ami is better than nothing, but would be too uncertain.

    I would give me a 45 km / h version of the Microlino with insurance license plate for teenagers, in which there is a body of squeezed steel and aluminum parts that is a lot more secure.

    Just to RENAULT TWIZY researched and experienced.

    … Renault Twizy … the production shifted from the Spanish Valladolid to the Renault-Samsung plant in South Korean Busan.

    (Source: NZZ.CH – January 2019)


    Renault Twizy 45 Life

    UPE plus. Transfer from 11.450 €

    Renault intens white

    UPE plus. Transfer from 13.200 €

    Renault Twizy: plus. Monthly rent of 50 € at an annual run of 7.500 km and 36 months term.


    Meanwhile, the Twizy is probably not a “bargain” more, though he is built in South Korea.

  3. Hello Sebastian, through a change of law has been since the 28.7.2021 Can the AM driver’s license in All federal states be purchased from the age of 15 years.
    https: // / Transport / Round-to-the-leadership / News / Driving AB-15 /

  4. Spring is a car, Ami is like an electric bike with roof. You can drive the Ami from 14 years without a driver’s license, so it makes no sense to compare the two as they are completely different. It does not make sense to demand more speed or performance for the AMI. The reason why he is limited to what he has is exactly that he should be available from 14 years without a driver’s license. That makes him available for more people for car sharing.

  5. ^ Please always remember the 50 CCM burner, so the moped driver’s license class in Germany from 15, in France from 14 years with “on” moped driver’s license. The Ami is a light electromobile and technically no car, but rather related to scooters and tricycles.Comparisons with motor vehicles therefore unnecessary. L6E Mobile may only drive 45 km / h, have a maximum of 6 kW of performance, are weightlimited and may already be driven with the “on” in Germany from 15. The Ami has a moped insurance license plate, does not need to TuV and you are car tax-free on the road. All this distinguishes him from the car class.


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