Citroën Divine shines with Swarovski at Paris Salon


This Citroën comes in an armadillo look

Citroën Divine shines with Swarovski at Paris Salon-paris

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Devine DS: With the show car, Citroën demonstrates the finest craftsmanship in Paris. Unlike the current DS models, the 4.20-meter car is quite compact thanks to the wide display Fenders and the beefy rear end make a sporty appearance.

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Citroën Divine shines with Swarovski at Paris Salon-swarovski

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The interior of the exhibition piece should amaze the visitors to the Paris Salon: Behind the opposing opening doors is hidden in a luxury lounge with designarmchairs and a cockpit like a jewelry box. Interesting is…

Source: Citroën

Citroën Divine shines with Swarovski at Paris Salon-swarovski

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… the center console, which runs through the entire car or like a work of art…

Source: Citroën

Citroën Divine shines with Swarovski at Paris Salon-swarovski

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… the detailed work in fabric and rhinestones with which the doors are covered on the inside. The main external feature is one…

Source: Citroën

Citroën Divine shines with Swarovski at Paris Salon-citroën

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… The rear section is reminiscent of an armadillo’s shell. DS, that is what Citroën originally called the well-known model with the pioneering hydropneumatic suspension in the sixtiesiger and seventies. The car was named because of the linguistic consistency of its designation DS and "deesse" as "la deesse", "the goddess". A comparison that Citroën is sure to put up with with the new exhibition piece.

Source: Citroën

For the Paris Salon, Citroën is really working hard: with Swarovski stones and precious metal, the Divine DS study is thick. The car’s relevance to reality is rather low.

D.he C6 is history. In 2012, Citroën discontinued the brand flagship and thus said goodbye to the luxury class. But if you were to judge the French manufacturer only on the basis of its trade fair appearances, you could come to the conclusion: A premium brand is at work here.

In addition to the usual small, compact and mid-range cars, the eye-catchers are always extravagant bodies with extravagant equipment. The Numero 9 from the Beijing auto show in 2012 was just as much a case as the Metropolis, which was shown in Geneva in 2011. Now comes the Divine DS, which, like all these show cars, is just a whisker. But what a one.

The noble car will be presented at the Paris Motor Show (October 4th to 19th), and it probably works primarily as a brand ambassador. Because at the trade fair on the French home market, the Divine DS is slowly getting into the mood for the second generation of the model range of the DS series, with which Citroën has been saving a touch of noblesse and haute couture on the road for four years and with over 500,000 cars sold by now.

Made of cut crystals and white gold

The new show car takes Parisian chic to the extreme. It is only a good 4.20 meters long and therefore does not have the state-supporting structure of a limousine. But the design model sparkles, as if it were being presented at a jeweler and not at an industry show – thanks to the active support from Swarovski.

And as if the cut stones by the Austrian crystal glass specialist in the headlights weren’t enough, the coupe has a black stripe along the rear, reminiscent of either the armor of an armadillo or the link bracelet of a watch.

Still broken through by glass tiles in the roof, this rear section, made of differently colored metal plates, closes completely towards the rear and replaces the rear window. The passengers in the rear can feel like they are in a cocoon. Instead of a mirror, the driver looks at a monitor that transmits camera images of what is happening behind the car.

Sportier than the current DS models

The exhibition piece differs from the current DS models, all of which seem a bit sluggish, in its sleek proportions, from which future series versions will likely cut a slice: the fenders extremely wide, the few lines on the flank razor-sharp and the grill so large as if small cars could simply disappear in it. Under the hood there is, however, off-the-shelf goods from the group with the 270 hp turbo from the Peugeot RCZ-R. But the car is not supposed to be a technology carrier either.

But the Citroën amazes with its interior. Because anyone who lets the doors that run in opposite directions swings open is looking into a luxury lounge: bucket seats like designer armchairs, a cockpit like a jewelry box and a center console that runs through the entire car like a work of art.

As if that weren’t spectacular enough in the lacquer and leather alone, the French garnish it with materials that would even fall victim to the controllers at Bentley or Rolls-Royce: The leather comes from the luxury upholsterer in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, in Hundreds of sewn-in crystals sparkle in the fabrics, the designers played with marble and granite on and around the switches, and the huge center console was unceremoniously covered with white gold.

At least an outlook

Will the Divine DS have a chance in series production? When asked about this by the designers at Citroën, they respond with the usual excuses. They wanted to capture the spirit, the essence of the brand, further develop the design language and try out new materials. But usually show cars like the Divine DS are built for trade fairs and never come onto the market.

However, it is also common for details or the realignment of the basic vehicle design to be at least partially reflected in series models. This will also be the case with the new DS models, which are due to hit the market in two or three years. However, it can be highly doubted that it will be the white gold or the Swarovski stones.

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