Citroen e-C4 (2021) in the test: try it with comfort

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The French brother of the Opel Mokka-e scores with comfort

Citroen e-C4 (2021) in the test: try it with comfort-e-c4

Does the end justify the means? Do you care about the look of the car with cheap leasing? If you look at some of the current offers for the Citroen e-C4, one gets to ponder. Whereby: Finally the French brand dares to do something again.

Where the C4 brother Opel Mokka edgy, the Citroen relies on a certain extravagance. Our test clarifies what the inner values ​​of the electric C4 are.

What is that?

Like the Peugeot 2008, the DS 3 Crossback and the Opel Mokka, the new Citroen C4 is also based on the CMF (aka EMP1) construction kit. Rumor has it that the C4 will be an extended version of the platform. In any case, from a technical point of view, the new C4 is more of a small car and not a compact car, as the name suggests.

With a length of 4.36 meters, however, the model has the dimensions of a compact car. The trunk is also on par with a VW Golf with 380 to 1,250 liters. Also noteworthy: the storage volume of the electric version is no smaller than that of the conventional C4 models.

But for Citroen, conventional is almost a dirty word and so the e-C4 (officially with Trema dots on the small e) tries to stand out from the crowd in terms of design. In profile a kind of coupe SUV, the headlights arranged in steps at the front, conspicuous taillights at the rear and a spoiler that divides the rear window. You have to like the look of the result, that's for sure. After all: the e-C4 is not boring.

But we are more interested in the inner values. Here, as mentioned, the French focus on generosity, and they also strive for a lot of comfort. But the result is ambivalent: on the one hand, comfortable, wide seats in the front, on the other hand, a rather tight roll-off behavior with the 18-inchers. There are no smaller rim sizes on the electric version of the C4.

What we liked a lot are the large shelves and the well thought-out service. The cockpit looks wild, but it is much easier to see through than the command centers of current VW models. The e-C4 also has a touchscreen, of course, but classic rotary controls and buttons for the standard two-zone automatic air conditioning and the optional seat heating. The only gimmick the Citroen has to offer is a kind of drawer above the glove compartment, in which the passenger can place a tablet, among other things, to watch films.

How does he drive?

As spectacular as the inside and outside of the e-C4 is, it is just as unspectacular to drive. We already know the very synthetic steering with little feedback from the Opel Mokka-e. 100 kW (136 PS) maximum output and 57 kW (77 PS) continuous output do not make the Citroen a rocket, but with 9.7 seconds to 100 km / h it is sufficiently brisk.

The capacity of the battery is 50 kWh, and thanks to its 100 kW charging capacity, it can "fill up" from zero to 80 percent in around 30 minutes. The manufacturer officially states a range of a good 350 kilometers; in our test, around 300 kilometers were more realistic. Very positive: every e-C4 has a heat pump on board ex works, as well as a three-phase on-board charger (11 kW).

Citroen officially names 15.3 to 15.6 kWh per 100 kilometers according to WLTP as power consumption, we were in the healthy 16 range. If you use the eco mode a lot, a 15 in front of the decimal point appears feasible.

What does it cost?

And what is the price? Of course, you always have to keep the environmental bonus in mind, as it often ensures very low leasing rates for the e-C4. It starts before deductions at 34,640 euros, including decent standard equipment and the pretty free color (caramel brown metallic, more like an orange). It is worthwhile to go to the next higher "Feel Pack" (plus 1,300 euros), which includes a reversing camera and navigation system, among other things. The top equipment "Shine" is priced at 37,340 euros.

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Conclusion: 7/10

Spectacular looks, but inconspicuous driving characteristics: this is how the Citroen e-C4 could be summed up. If you don't mind the design and the range, you can get a well-equipped and spacious electric car at a low rate, especially in leasing. However, other manufacturers are now responsible for real revolutions.

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