Citroën electrifies Greek eco-island Halki

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Citroën electrifies Greek eco-island Halki-electrifies

Citroën is investing in the Greek island of Halki, supporting yet another pilot project that will transform an entire island into an area of sustainable, zero-emission mobility. Renault – with Porto Santo, Portugal – and Volkswagen with the Greek island of Astypalea have already launched similar projects.

Chalki has become a future model region in Europe, in which the green energy transition is being comprehensively implemented with several partners. These include the Syngelidis Group, the Greek importer of Citroën, as well as the French construction and infrastructure group Vinci and the energy company Akuo Greece. The project is fully in line with Citroën’s belief that mobility should be accessible to all and also demonstrates the brand’s innovative and avant-garde approach, the company said in a recent press release.

“We are very pleased to be collaborating with the island of Halki on this unique project. With this daring and innovative project, it is fully in line with Citroën’s values. We are committed to making the electrification accessible to all and are very proud to contribute to the conversion of Chalki into a self-sufficient, smart and sustainable island.Vincent Cobee, CEO Citroën

A few days ago, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Greek government, Citroën/Syngelidis Group, Vinci and Akuo Greece started to transform the island of Halki into a completely emission-free and sustainable environment. Citroën and the Syngelidis Group are taking several actions to offer a range of different electric vehicles powered exclusively by renewable energy. The aim is to make electric mobility accessible to all residents and companies on the island.

One of the biggest challenges in today’s automotive world is the transformation to electrification. Citroën would like to take on a pioneering role here. All residents and administrations of the island of Halki should be able to enjoy the benefits of the electric vehicles that are made available on the island.

Electric cars for police, coast guard and administration

Initially, Citroën will supply the Halki authorities with a fleet of all-electric vehicles: Ami for the police and coast guard, and ë-C4 and ë-SpaceTourer for the municipality, and ë-Jumpy for the local energy community of Halki. There will be free leasing for these vehicles for 48 months. After that, Citroën will buy back the vehicles and then donate them to the municipality of Halki.

“This project will change the lives of a few people, but this is just the beginning. By helping Halki to become a ‘green’ zero-emissions region, Citroën is paving the way for a more sustainable future and showing that electrification is a key enabler,” says Citroën CEO Vincent Cobee.

The aim of the project is to significantly improve the islanders’ quality of life: through less noise, better air quality, a cleaner environment and lower energy costs. Citroën and the Syngelidis Group are focusing on the electrification of the entire fleet on the island with the intention of replacing all vehicles with internal combustion engines with electric vehicles in the long term. As part of a comprehensive development plan for smart and climate-neutral mobility, Citroën wants to offer residents and businesses on the island the opportunity to purchase zero-emission electric vehicles at affordable prices. A wide range of electric mobility options are available, from light four-wheelers to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. After completion of the project Chalki will become one of the first eco-islands in Greece with the support of Citroën.

“We are particularly happy and proud of the contribution of the Syngelidis Group and Citroën to this important project on the island of Halki. In line with the climate impact reduction targets set as part of the Chalki Green – Smart Island action, we strongly support the ambition of the Greek Government, the French Embassy and the French business community and take on the task of zero-emission electric mobility promote,” says Polychronis Syngelidis, President of the Syngelidis Group.

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  1. Approx. 80% of this island consists of dry volcanic rock, a barren landscape, ideal for regenerative and cheap energy production. And now Citroen is coming and putting a few electric cars in front of the poor island people. end. It would have made sense if a solar park and storage facility had been set up there at the same time (mentioned only as an example).


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