Citroën offers small transporter ë-Jumpy with hydrogen drive

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Citroën offers small transporter ë-Jumpy with hydrogen drive-offers

The Citroën ë-Jumpy Hydrogen leads the first model of the brand the hydrogen technology. The compact transporter has a hydrogen fuel cell drive with plug-in battery. Payload and charging volumes correspond to the version with internal combustion engine, as Citroën says. The new model has a range of more than 400 km with a tank filling. Its three 700 bar hydrogen tanks made of carbon fiber, which are installed next to the battery in the underbody, can be filled in just three minutes. Due to the space-saving installation of the technique, the transporters do not compromise against the version with internal combustion engine in the space range and charging volumes. With the locally emission-free transporter, customers have free travel to inner cities.

“The Citroën ë-Jumpy Hydrogen extends our model offer to light commercial vehicles. With its architecture, which combines a hydrogen fuel cell with a battery, our new van offers the best of both technologies. The components have been installed space-saving so that no compromises must be discussed in terms of volume or payload.”- Laurence Hansen, Director Product and Strategy Citroën

The ë-Jumpy Hydrogen drives fully electric and benefits from two energy sources: a 45 kW fuel cell generating current by consuming the hydrogen stored in a three-cylinder tank at a pressure of 700 bar; as well as a 10.5 kWh battery serving as a 50 km reserve and automatically takes over when the hydrogen tank is empty. The hydrogen fuel cell ensures the range of the vehicle, the battery is needed in transition phases such as strong acceleration and slopes requiring additional performance. The two energy sources jointly drive the engine and supply the powertrain. The brake and delay energy can be recovered and dine over the electric motor as a current into the battery. The battery can also be charged via a cable to charging stations.

The Citroën Jumpy is available in the lengths M (4.95 meters) and XL (5.30 meters) and produced in French Sevel North and then converted in the Stellantis Competence Center for Hydrogen & Fuel Cells in Russelsheim. The first deliveries to fleet customers should be made from autumn 2021.

“Citroën has started a far-reaching product offensive in the segment of light commercial vehicles. In the course of the year 2021, the entire commercial vehicle palette of the brand will be electrified on the European market, “says Anne-Lise Richard, Head of the Business Unit Low Emission Vehicles at Citroëns parent company Stellantis. Since the brand is always inspired by the commercial customers and their daily requirements, it extends the model offer on purely electrically powered transporters through the hydrogen-powered version of the Citroën ë-Jumpy. The new technology is “the right answer to the mobility requirements of all those customers who regularly cover wide routes and rely on fast refueling,” says Anne-Lise Richard.

Commercial vehicles of Citroën from 2021 fully electrified

In 2019, Citroën had announced the electrification of the entire commercial vehicle pallet. Now the brand solves your promise. The battery electric ë-Jumpy has been ordered since August 2020. In the second half of 2021 the first deliveries of the ë Berlingo box carriage, ë-jumper and ë-jumpy Hydrogen. Thus, the brand wants to offer a tailor-made solution for every commercial customer.

the Citroën Berlingo box carriage has been sold more than 1.6 million times since its launch in 1996. At the end of April he was the second-paced vehicle of his segment in Europe. The electric Citroën ë-Berlingo box wagon will be orderable shortly. He has a range of up to 275 km to WLTP. At a public fast charging station, the 50 kWh lithium-ion battery can be recharged in just under 30 minutes up to 80 percent. The electric drive is 100 kW (136 hp); The maximum speed is 130 km / h. Like the version with internal combustion engine, the Citroën ë-Berlingo box trolle by five body configurations, a charging volume of up to 4.4 m3, a payload of up to 800 kg and a variable driver’s cab. 18 technologies, including the head-up display and the new 10-inch combined instrument, should provide safe, relaxed driving.

Citroën offers small transporter ë-Jumpy with hydrogen drive-ë-jumpyCitroën

The electric Citroën ë-Jumpy Also offers the same load volume as the version with internal combustion engine. Thus, small and medium-sized goods and bulky items can be transported. Due to its modern design, the outstanding comfort on board, the loading volume of up to 6.6 m3 and the payload of up to 1275 kg, the Citroën ë-Jumpy was named “International Van of the Year 2021”, so the manufacturer. In addition, the transporters are convinced by its unique modularity: Moduwork enables a flat loading area of up to four meters. Customers can choose between two different large lithium-ion batteries. Depending on the needs, a 50 kWh battery is available for a range up to 212 km and a 75 kWh battery for a maximum of 318 km to WLTP. With this selection, the Citroën ë-Jumpy covers more than 91 percent of the requirement profiles of its segment.

The soon orderable Citroën ë-jumper should be offered in four lengths and three heights and two battery levels. Four versions will be available: closed box carriage, single cabin, double cabin and floor group with driver’s cab. The charging volume of up to 17 m3 and the payload of up to 1590 kg meet all requirements in the segment.

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