City Transformer: Compact E-vehicle for the city

City Transformer: Compact E-vehicle for the city-e-vehicle

With the Microlino on the IAA 2021 we have seen that not only E-cars, but also electric vehicles play an important role for the mobility of the future. In addition to the Swiss Stromer, an Israeli start-up with the foldable E-vehicle City Transformer was also represented. Their electric vehicle also wants to reduce the place and parking problems in big cities. With a very special trick.

Because the City Transformer it is possible to fold your own body to a width of one meter, usually it is 1.4 meters. The vehicle is powered by a 7.5 kW electric motor on the two rear wheels. This allows the City Transformer to achieve a maximum speed of 90 km / h – in folding mode 40 km / h, at an estimated range of 180 km. Introduced within the city from 0 to 50 km / h in 5 seconds. If the battery is correspondingly empty, this loads on fast load options in 30 minutes to 80 percent. On the Schukosteckdose at home, however, he needs four to six hours.

We have already seen similar technical data from Triggo from Poland. In road mode, this 148 centimeter is wide and also up to 90 km / h. In the so-called maneuvier mode, in which the pace is throttled to 25 km / h, the distance between the front wheels shrinks by almost half to 86 centimeters and thus the turning circle on only 3.5 meters.

City Transformer: Compact E-vehicle for the city-cityCity Transformer

Back to the City Transformer, whose turning circle is given at 8.5 meters. However, it is certainly the fact that the CO2 footprint of the vehicle is kept possible low. So the E vehicle only consists of 1.500 parts. A classic burner brings it up to 25.000. Thanks to built airbags, the City Transformer count to the safest vehicles of the electric lightweight class L7E, the manufacturer.

According to the project manager since this year, the City Transformer is ripe for serial production. After the official presentation at the IAA 2021, the official EU approval in the L7E class should now be achieved. 2022 then a small series production is provided before the year later, in cooperation with contract finishes, start the mass production to operate from 2024 in the broad private clients.

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The vehicle can already be pre-ordered today. However, as a future driver of the vehicle, one has only the choice in color: white, gray, blue and red. The rest is the same for all models. Currently the price for pre-ordering is 12.500 euros instead of the later planned 16.000 EURO. For the pre-order refundable 150 Euro deposit is called. The environmental bonus / purchase bonus for E-cars does not intervene.

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3 thoughts on “City Transformer: Compact E-vehicle for the city”

  1. Without environmental bonus such vehicles remain uninteresting, a small electric car with environmental bonus can be cheaper, so who should buy it?

  2. Some supplements:

    In addition to the version for two adults, a variant for an adult and two children should come.


    For 2022 a first small series production for B2B customers is planned. Only 2023 should the series production start for everyone.


    Unlike the Twizy, however, the City Transformer has a full-fledged driver’s cabin with top-rotating doors, airbags, heating, air conditioning and ABS and ESP. In addition, a all-round monitoring must support various security systems via sensors.


    The drive takes on two together 15 kW electric motors on the rear wheels. The lithium-ion battery with up to 14 kWh capacity is sitting in the skateboard-like substructure.


    Without batteries, the City Transformer should bring only 450 kilograms to the scales.


    In the 12.500 or. 16.500 euros the battery is already included. After the start of series production, it should … among other things open beach mobile as a mobility solution for motorhome licorers and commercial vehicle versions for delivery services and craftsmen.

    (Source: Auto-Motor and Sport.DE – 09.09.2021)

    Now comes the Microlino and a year later then the City Transformer for everyone.

  3. Hammer concept &# 128578;
    You can also avoid the car with traffic jam on the bike path – in max 25 km / h mode? That would be great and the ultimate livestyle vehicle for commuters !!! &# 128578;


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