Class leader VW Golf? That was once – here are the new auto stars

German Car of the Year Award

Class leader VW Golf? That was once – here are the new auto stars

Class leader VW Golf? That was once - here are the new auto stars-golf
Gcoty The finalists of the German Car of the Year (Gcoty) – almost everything e -cars

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For a long time, models such as the VW Golf, a BMW 3 Series or the Mercedes S-Class were set as top dogs in their classes. With electric cars, old ranking lists falter. This is also shown by the competition for the German car of the year.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More info trolleys with their innovative ID family are currently putting everything on the electro card. Here and there there is still a playground for plug-in hybrids, but in the external impact the combustion engines have no longer play a significant role for some time. It doesn’t look much different for other German manufacturers such as Audi, Porsche, BMW or Mercedes. Many like to decorate their new models in this context with laurels that have been harvested in price ceremonies.

German Car of the Year: Germans no more top dogs

Especially in Germany, the German Car of the Year Award is the most renowned award that can be tapped for brand and model. High -ranking journalists coordinate about the vehicles of the year and choose the winners of their classes. Years ago and even today a surprise: For brands such as Volkswagen or Mercedes, it is no longer enough for a class victory here. The only representatives who hold up the flags of the autonation are Porsche and Audi-with particularly sporty vehicles such as a Porsche 911 GT3 or the Audi e-tron GT.

Class leader VW Golf? That was once - here are the new auto stars-class
Gcoty Five cars compete against each other as class winners at the German Car The Year Award

News dominated by e-cars today

The other categories are dominated by foreign manufacturers this year, in which the leaf has rotated more than ever in the direction of electromobility. Could you still expect that the new Peugeot 308 in the compact class category up to 25.Penfer 000 euros against its competitors, so won the premium models up to 50.000 euros of the KIA EV6. He won before the electrical Hyundai Ioniq 5 and German representatives like VW ID.4, Audi Q4 e-tron, Skoda Enyaq or the Mercedes C-Class.

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Class leader VW Golf? That was once - here are the new auto stars-leader

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

In the New Energy class of the vehicles with alternative drives, a Koreans prevailed. The Hyundai Ioniq 5, sister model of the KIA EV6, which took second place here, gave the European competitors from the Volkswagen Group, a BMW IX / I4 or a Mercedes EQs..

Class leader VW Golf? That was once - here are the new auto stars-leader
Kia Kia EV6

Electric car 2022 (display)

All electric car and plug-in hybrid models at a glance

Compare numerous models now

Porsche GT3 wins the sports car

There were victories for German representatives with the Audi E-Tron GT in the luxury class over 50.000 euros and in the performance class, which the puristic Porsche 911 GT3 won with a boxer engine without electrification anything but surprisingly. “With the 911 GT3, our team in Weissach around Andreas Preuninger has once again succeeded in a highly emotional vehicle – with significantly increased performance and at the same time improved everyday suitability. For me, the GT3 embodies many Porsche-typical properties-a tangible proximity to motorsport, driving pleasure and emotionality, ”says Porsche 911 series manager DR. Frank-Steffen Walliser.

Class leader VW Golf? That was once - here are the new auto stars-class
Gcoty All -rounder from France: The Peugeot 308 won a victory at the German Car frequenthe Year Award – also because of its versatility in the drive

Tesla shows above all the weakness of the competition

It fits into the picture that the electrical mid -range elbes of the Tesla Model 3 in the past month of September 2021 became the best -selling vehicle across Europe for the first time over all drive types. However, the reason for the success of Model 3 is not only your strength, but the weakness of the rest of the market, which is particularly due to the chip deficiency. Tesla is significantly less affected by the chip deficiency than the European competition.

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT in the test: The muscle car with 486 hp is so good

Class leader VW Golf? That was once - here are the new auto stars-here

Site Ford Mustang Mach-E GT in the test: The muscle car with 486 hp is so good

Fast low-carb recipe: How to conjure up a hack pan with cheese cream sauce

Class leader VW Golf? That was once - here are the new auto stars-golf

Dining Fast low-carb recipe: How to conjure up a hack pan with cheese cream sauce

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  1. The Opel Astra also had the VW Golf3 in 1991
    For a week or two in the admission statistics just overtaken, and was for one or that … For one or two weeks or two in the admission statistics, and was the best -selling car in Germany for a week or two, and the VW Golf in second place at 1 or 2 weeks…. Opel had also celebrated this in 1991, but that was just a straw fire, today Opel is not even a shadow of himself, and today even Renault Opel has overtaken in the registration statistics. So it may be that the VW Golf is overtaken for a few weeks in the approval statistics but has been expected over the past few decades and remains number 1 not only in Germany but also in Europe. Quality pays off in the long term

  2. The beetle was also the NR. 1,…
    Before it was dropped off by the Golf. This is exactly how the Gulf is now from the ID.3 replaced. The NR. 1 he will never become more. And also the ID.3 will only be his successor if VW rows up vigorously (z. B. Improved software, away from the high design and to efficiency). Otherwise, the upcoming Model 2 from Tesla could the future NR. 1 in the electrical golf successor segment.

  3. Such award ceremonies…
    Indeed, show where the trip goes. The fact that the price winners are not necessarily the best -selling cars can be u. A. Also explain that there are already cheaper alternatives on the market. This also explains the success of the Model 3. It is more efficient than all e-cars among the winners and not in prices. This has little to do with the chip deficiency.

  4. Oh well,..
    …typical! But what the heck, actually not worth it, to respond to it. In contrast to renowned political sizes that use sources for their own doctoral theses and thus unjustified advantages, something like this is strange to me! But some notice this difference "Experts |" probably not. What is the name of the saying? It is as interesting as the message that the sack of rice in China is over. For other few people, of course, the report of the day!

  5. It gets aging Mr. Sochgen!
    Do not understand the relationships? What does the Brexit have to do with the dilemma of the charging infrastrukur in Germany? Nothing! What is happening in GB at the petrol stations is the result of Brexit. What is going on in some charging stations in Germany is greed for free electricity, z.B. In supermarket places! I really don’t care what they interpret from it!

  6. Again the "Experts | "?
    In contrast to oil, the production and processing of many minerals such as lithium, cobalt and some rare earths are strongly concentrated on a handful of countries, with more than three quarters of the amounts of only three producers delivered worldwide. Complex and sometimes opaque supply chains pose risks: physical interruptions through trade restrictions or unstable developments in important conveyor countries. In addition, there is currently no shortage of resources, but the quality of the available occurrences decreases, since the easiest accessible resources are first exploited. The EU’s lithium requirement for electric vehicles and storage systems could increase by 18 times (by 2050 by 60 times) by 2030. The cobalt requirement by 15 times.

  7. Now, oh, a bird ..
    … caught plagiarizing! Cups without source is not comme IL if you have criticized Annalena 2 x. Take over stupid without realizing it is still stupid. The first three sentences of your comment are literally written off from the Portal Energy Zukunft V. 27.9.22. Unfortunately, contain brutal faults. Li, Co & SE are not "minerals", they are metals, as "experts" know.

  8. The oil reserves are limited
    That is the actual point. Some estimates assume that they will last for 40 years, others of 150 years. But we should rather assume 40 years. So we have to get away from the gasoline anyway and need an alternative. You are welcome to get upset about how expensive e-cars are and that the range is small, the oil reserves will be the no one, they will still shrink every year. It may well be that in this e-car future streets lanterns parker can simply no longer have cars.

  9. Dear Mr. Hain, all -clear
    … as for it. It is not about ’earth, but metals, and they are not uncommon in nature, but relatively frequently. Cer, the most common se is present in the earth’s crust with greater concentration than copper. The rarest SE, Lutetium and Thullium, occur 200 times more often than gold. Worldwide consumption P.A. under 200.000 t, estimated reserves 120 million. T plus recycling.

  10. Nice and good.
    But what use a car that I cannot refuel because there is no charging station nearby. Building 500.000 charging stations in Germany with a standardized European wife Payment method. Then I would change. If I 40.000 € for a compact class E-car.

  11. Fueling was yesterday
    After over 40.000km I can calm down. Only loaded once (for testing) on a public charging station. Otherwise loaded at home with kettle current thickness.

  12. In two years the
    "High -ranking journalists" their e-adustic car, which is highly subsidized by the common taxpayer because the electricity is not available or they are doing their business trip because of the "Top smoothing" have to move. the "future" really brings the people in Germany. People with brain await Cuban conditions and already maintain their old/youngtimer so that they can get their usual mobility. Apparently the e-madness has not yet recorded truck traffic, when you drive the goods crisscrossed with the outdated diesel. Just why?

  13. @Sonja Michael
    You’re right. Germany is a developing country without a future. You can’t drive a car because there is no electricity. How good that Elon Musk has now also went under the electricity suppliers. It shows us what’s possible.Renewable energies have been choked in Germany for years, and now there is a lack of electricity? You’re right. Germany has finished.

  14. To the heated discussions
    As a car mechanic, I do not understand how the E-Mobil Contra E-Mobil does not accept the opinion of the respective supporters. There is currently no "THE CAR" for each. Every system has its advantages and disadvantages. That is why a cooperation is an advantage for everyone. However, our vocational school teacher (engineer) said 45 years ago "If there is a good battery tomorrow, we can forget the combustion engine". Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is already the case.

  15. Precisely!
    There have also been discussions for the past few decades whether diesel or petrol engine would be better. The flatten over time. Every drive has its advantages and disadvantages. There will not be 100% electrical, but also does not have to! At least not for the foreseeable future. The proportion only has to be significantly larger.

  16. Customers still buy and pay the cars
    And most customers don’t buy e-cars. The companies should finally learn: there is only one which everything pays and that is the customer. That is the experience of a world market leader with 65 % world market share of his products.

  17. Targeted snapshot
    In my opinion, this is a moment of recording, without e-car promotion the sales figures go back to the basement. The biggest argument for the Tesla Model 3, is the profit in resale to Denmark, in the amount of funding..


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