Climate balance of electric cars: 500 grams of CO2 instead of 0

French electric cars cleaner than German

Coal-Stromer VW ID3: As from 0 grams of CO2 suddenly 500

Climate balance of electric cars: 500 grams of CO2 instead of 0-climate
Cattle man Electric cars are on the farm of a car dealership.

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

Not only since scientists have been demanding a more realistic emission calculation from the EU, the climate balance of e-cars is heavily discussed. Stromer could actually be a super-shaft if Germany had rethought a certain decision.

Electric cars will shape our streets a bit every year in the future, at least there is no doubt about this in Germany and many EU countries. Corporations such as Volkswagen or Volvo switch completely to electric, other manufacturers to a large extent. There are many reasons for this, the EU CO2 requirements are very important. But how the Stromer really influence the climate balance depends on the electricity production of the respective country. And there are considerable differences.

Climate -friendly? When the green VW suddenly becomes coal brown

The magazine "Auto Motor & Sport" has examined how clean the Stromer are actually on the road – with an interesting result: "Anyone who thinks they are clean and climate -friendly with an electric car can be wrong. In a country like Poland, electric cars emit even more CO2 than combustion cars, in Germany the balance is balanced. In France alone, electric cars are really almost CO2-neutral on the road", so the auto experts who actually "tank" Have compared electricity mix with a VW ID3:

  • In France with its high proportion of almost CO2-free nuclear power, the ID drives.3 according to the data practically without emotion from carbon dioxide. "The ID emits only 11.5 grams of CO2.3 if it is charged on a French charging station", so the "Auto Motor & Sport".
  • It looks different in Germany. "Wind and sun still generate so little energy that coal and gas provide high electricity shares and the ID.3 Therefore, 91.2 grams of CO2 per kilometer in Germany. In Poland, it is even much better for climate theaters to drive with a petrol or diesel. Because there the coal content is so high in the generation of electricity that the ID is.3 167.7 grams of CO2 per kilometer emitted", it goes on to say.

Climate balance of electric cars: 500 grams of CO2 instead of 0-electric
Auto Motor & Sport The magazine "Auto Motor & Sport" Compare the CO2 balance of electric cars of different countries. Germany cuts poorly – France shines, and above all because of the WiKen Co2 -neutral nuclear power

Electric car: In extreme cases, 500 grams of CO2 instead of zero

That "Coal current"-Problem of the electric cars is not new-Site illuminated it here in a guest contribution of a power plant engineer . And it cannot be solved in general by expanding the wind and solar energy, as the federal government plans it. Because even if the installed performance of more wind and solar systems is naturally increases, the real electricity generation of these energy sources remains on the weather: phases of the "Overfilling" And the lowering influence a considerable impact on how many CO2 electric car drivers (and ultimately all electricity consumers such as heat pumps, the railway or industry) actually blow up in the air. Therefore, the e-car industry plans that in the future The batteries of millions of electric cars as mobile buffer batteries to serve. The idea behind it is actually captivating: if the car is not needed, it can feed juice back into the power grid. Then theoretically you could even earn money with your electric car.

Why e-cars look very different: Volvo chief designer Robin Page in an interview

Climate balance of electric cars: 500 grams of CO2 instead of 0-electric

Site Why e-cars look very different: Volvo chief designer Robin Page in an interview

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Electric cars could stabilize the power grid

But until such plans are realized, many years go into the country. Due to its accelerated exit from nuclear energy, Germany tightened the problem, while France can actually significantly improve CO2 emissions of traffic with emobility. "Especially in the cold spring there was little wind and sun, so that more electricity from fossil fuels was generated in Germany. The result: The CO2 value has deteriorated significantly compared to the previous year-at times almost 500 grams of CO2 per kWh were expelled. On such days, Germany is only a little under the emissions of Polish coal current", So the experts of the "Auto Motor & Sport".

Lufthansa strokes this absurd short -haul flight

Climate balance of electric cars: 500 grams of CO2 instead of 0-electric

Bit projects Lufthansa strokes this absurd short -haul flight

Since the coal -fired power plants in Germany will also leave the network in addition to the nuclear power plants, you will have to depend on electricity imports from abroad in the future – and build new gas power plants. "We also need long -term controllable power plants to ensure security in Germany, ”said Stefan Kapferer, head of the transfer system operator 50Hertz, recently "Handelsblatt". With the exit from nuclear energy and coal electricity, Germany loses over 50 gigawatts (GW) secure and adjustable performance. "According to 50hertz, only controllable power plants with an output of 1.2 gigawatts are currently under construction. These power plants can first be operated with natural gas, but later also with climate -neutral hydrogen", writes the newspaper.

What VW bosses Diest in 2018 thought

VW boss Herbert Diess also pointed out the problem in 2018. The German Energy Mix with its high proportion of cabbage current would rather worsen the environmental balance sheet with a strong spread of electric cars, he said at a supplier event. Since then, the real electricity mix has not changed significantly, but Herbert Diess’ opinion: his group has already established the development of petrol and diesel engines in five years and only focuses on electric cars.

Scientists argue about CO2 calculation

Last week the problem of the CO2 balance of e-cars-in fact, car manufacturers were allowed to balance each electricity with 0 grams of CO2 for the EU fleet emission billing for the EU-also by international scientists who are in a letter to the The EU Commission warned that Germany could miss its CO2 goals in traffic through its calculations after incorrect accounting for electric car emissions. E-mobility experts, on the other hand, defend the controversial mean value calculation in the electricity mix: this is generally established and the situation will improve at some point by expanding solar and wind power.

Radical mucking out at Jaguar: Only one model survives – and this is an electric car

Climate balance of electric cars: 500 grams of CO2 instead of 0-cars

Site Radical mucking out at Jaguar: Only one model survives – and this is an electric car

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13 thoughts on “Climate balance of electric cars: 500 grams of CO2 instead of 0”

  1. E-mobile ecological balance?
    Everyone always only talking about the CO2 emissions of a moving or loading vehicle. Why speaks … Nobody about the environmental impact on the production of an e-mobile? As far as I am informed, it is much higher than in the manufacture of a burner.

  2. A battery is made from nuclear waste
    I read the post in Site that a company made of old -used nuclear waste in California produces a battery battery that lasts for a lifetime. That would also be an option, only we have to put our nuclear systems back into operation so that the current becomes cheaper and so it makes sense can switch to electrical vehicles. The buyer "so me" Does this start to buy this from the Stromer vehicle if electricity prices in Germany are far too high and even rise. When I read how long I have to charge the car on the highway and how expensive 100km then the combustion engine is the only true solution for me. And as I think 95% of drivers in Germany think. Switch the nuclear power plant again I want affordable energy

  3. Energy transition without mind
    And the CO2 balance for the electric car will be significantly worse in Germany next year if the nuclear power plants are all removed from the network. Because the power gap will not be collected by a few additional wind turbines, as some dreamers believe, but the coal and gas power plants will have to close the gap!

  4. There
    The lifespan of wind turbines is legally limited to 20 years, more systems will be reduced from next year. The wind power is therefore declining.

  5. Gas power plants
    In fact, you won’t be able to avoid expansion of gas power plants. However, this is not a big problem. In the type GUD power plants we have easy-to-control power plants with a significantly higher efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. With force warming coupling there is another bonus in the form of heating heat. Everything is now nonsense immediately on Stom.

  6. I stay with it; It was a big mistake first.
    to take the nuclear power plants off the net, but behind it was a perfidious plan of the green lobbyists. And as you can see, he rose. Germany has set itself chess matt. No matter how we turn and turn it; With every electrical or hybrid vehicle that is approved in Germany, the electricity requirement increases, which we cannot cover in the long term in the long term. So we will have to import coal and/or nuclear power. It is frightening how naive our politics is. Apparently one still believes that Germany, in the middle of Europe, will neither be affected in terms of air conditioning nor in the case of a nuclear Gau. We should immediately take the coal power off the network and place it on a mix of affordable eco-and atomic current until we can also take the nuclear power plants off the network!

  7. @Hanne Becker
    Why directly so personally? I would also prefer to switch off the nuclear power today than tomorrow, but obviously we have a climate problem, and you don’t solve that with cabbage current and.A. from Poland to do it here "Clean electromobility" to reach. And there is a Gau in France, then we can only hope for Eastern winds… for reality or. naive.

  8. Such a curd cheese
    The Eauto is of course not the answer to all questions, but to say that an Eauto causes the same or less CO2 than a petrol engine / diesel is nonsense. Believe me that thousands of eutos are invited to owners via the private PV. This electricity does not dive somewhere in any balance sheet either, because locally generates and consumes. If you take the electricity mix for eutos, but then please also please the well-to-wheel mix for the fossils, which looks different from what is at the dealer. Believe diesel and petrol grows by itself at BP & Co?

  9. This re -improvement of data
    Seems familiar. Green electricity is not so green, CVs are not correct and must be improved, taxes are paid too late, etc. The trust in green decreases rapidly. But the biggest mockery is that the nuclear power plants are first switched off. What a nonsense in current situation. They wanted to set priorities in the climate change struggle. Then maybe you should rethink that, because there will always have to be power plants for the base load.

  10. 16 years
    As long as Ms. Merkel is in power and she hasn’t done anything for environmental protection. Your ministers Ahben did everything to delay the energy transition.. The success is juicy compensation payments to industry, and high electricity prices for private customers

  11. SOSO, the energy consumption was also taken into account…
    … viewed, which is caused by the permanent networking of modern vehicles through energy -hungry mobile communications? Then the whole e-advantage may be gone and old carts without data connection the cleanest … When a smart car actually 29 GB/hour (LT. BN) – let’s say almost 100 km – then that would be about approx. 180g CO2/GB (from dena/UBA numbers) approx. 5.2 kg CO2/100 km. Without the required driving current … If that’s not real environmental protection!

  12. Since Merkel’s visions from 2011
    Say tsunamis on the Philippsburg NPP is the development of energy supply in Germany disastrous. By the way, the "visions" of the Greens are worse. And cost Max Mustermann huge amounts. But not the civil servant Greens!

  13. E-mobility should be slowed down?
    after the "Pandorra rifle" From the BR together with the "opposition" in advance obedience before the "street" In the form of FFF & Co. hastily with "CO2 prize", Exit data (combustion engineer, coal power, …) have pushed through – probably get them "German" Automotive industry and some cold feet in the parties. On the one hand, the potential buyers are extremely back due to uncertainty of these bans and price increases at Sprit. On the other hand, the economy WG Corona is on the ground anyway and many can get out of economy. Reasons do not buy an electric car. Now one "study" enable a back door to get out of the entrance and enable the combustion engine even longer?


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