CO2 tax comes: no more petrol and diesel buy-or right now?

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CO2 tax comes: no more petrol and diesel buy-or right now?

CO2 tax comes: no more petrol and diesel buy-or right now?-Alte Diesel simply continue Eastern
Graphics: ADAC CO2 balance of cars: There is a lot on the enerative mix

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The so-called climate cabinet came together yesterday’s Wednesday. CO2 taxation is considered to be made in Berlin and would also make car driving more expensive in addition to living. Electro, petrol, diesel, hybrid or gas – which type of drive should you choose now?

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information comes the CO2 tax? That is becoming more and more likely. Under the impression of the EU election results with great profits for the Greens and the pressure of the "Fridays for future"-In the federal government, Demos shrinks the resistance of CDU/CSU against the introduction of the new tax. Environmental Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) plans to give the draft of her climate protection law to Chancellor Merkel directly into the departmental tuning.Lobbyists have been putting pressure on Bundestag members for months to promote the new taxes . It seems hard to imagine that that "Climate cabinet", Come past the topic. Especially since, from a financial policy perspective, it seems quite attractive to be able to tax the emissions of a trace gas in practically all areas of life in any amount.

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1. What does the CO2 tax mean for drivers?

If you do not drive an electric car, you could pay in the future. The idea of the new tax – official is mostly from one "CO2 price" or one "CO2 prize" We are talking – the use of fossil energy sources (Z.B. To make coal, oil, natural gas) more expensive to make other energy sources (Z.B. Solar and wind energy) to subsidize. In this way, the sharp increased costs of the energy transition should be paid and the goal of a so-called climate neutrality is to be achieved. This affects both homeowners and tenants who heat with oil or gas, as well as drivers.


There was already a secret vehicle tax increase

Incidentally, the tax would not really be a new one, just a further taxation of CO2 emissions: that on petrol and diesel Eco -tax (She celebrates its 20 this year. Birthday) has already been partially justified as a measure for climate protection and also the Vehicle tax In addition to the displacement, the CO2 emissions of a vehicle take into account. It is simply calculated from the consumption of the car. For this reason, the changeover to the new WLTP consumption cycle has already led to a secret increase in vehicle tax since September 2018 (read more about this here).

CO2 tax comes: no more petrol and diesel buy-or right now?-buy-or

Analysis of Carwow: The vehicle tax increases significantly due to the WLTP test cycle

2. What could the new tax look like?

This is still unclear – and also makes it difficult to decide which car you should still buy or lease at the moment. It is clear: The higher the consumption of a car, the more the costs will increase in the future. But there are several options that could be used individually or in combination.

  • Higher fuel prices: The introduction of a new CO2 tax to petrol and diesel prices would be the easiest measure to make driving quick and effective. In addition, which has also been required by many politicians and lobby associations, the tax on diesel fuel could be increased. This would be interesting because the unequal taxation of petrol and diesel was introduced in order to promote consumption and therefore less CO2 cars by state.
  • Higher car taxes: An increase in the CO2 component could also rinse more money into the coffers. This measure would also be conceivable because electric cars are known to be exempt from vehicle tax-and the larger the number of electric cars, the greater the failures in the vehicle tax. No finance minister will want to look at this without counteracting.
  • CO2-dependent approval tax: Some countries, including Sweden, collect an additional tax once when buying a new car, which is from consumption or. depends on the CO2 emissions. PS strong petrol or diesel can quickly become more expensive to buy several thousand euros.
  • CO2-dependent city toll: Many cities flirt with a city toll, as they already exist in many big cities. The idea here is primarily to reduce traffic jams and to reduce real pollutants such as fine dust or nitrogen oxides. That is why electric vehicles are also freed from the toll. But the CO2 emission can also be consulted for toll calculation, for example in the form of toll staggered after CO2 emissions.

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CO2 tax comes: no more petrol and diesel buy-or right now?-buy-or
ADAC Comparison in the compact segment: How many CO2 produce cars with alternative drives? Information in g/km CO2

3. Which type of drive is for whom the best?

It is difficult to find a clear answer here. Because even if the federal government only wants to promote e-mobility, it does not correspond to the usage profile of all drivers. Depending on the need, different drives can therefore be the best solution:

  • Diesel: Frequent drivers are still best advised with self -fueling. Diesel are more economical than petrol engines, especially at long distances. The ADAC advises drivers who have to travel to larger cities regularly To buy only a diesel car that fulfills the new EXTRACTION Euro 6D Temp or 6D. Only with this exhaust gas standard can you be sure that you can also enter the cities in the next few years. Because in some cities (Hamburg, Berlin, Darmstadt, Stuttgart) diesel driving bans already apply to the Euro 4 or Euro 5 exhaust gas standards. Due to their lower consumption, diesel vehicles also have lower CO2 emissions, so it would be less affected by a CO2 tax than petrol engines; However, this advantage is only significant due to larger limousines and SUVs due to larger petrol engines. And: First you should wait and see how the taxation of diesel fuel continues.
  • Petrol: Here you should also prefer vehicles with the latest exhaust gas standard Euro 6d. They have (in most cases) petrol particle filters without which they would no longer create the new limit values. In the case of CO2 tax, petrol engines are generally the most disadvantaged.
  • natural gas: Natural gas cars (CNG) have a low pollutant emissions in reality. CO2 emissions are also low due to the low consumption. However, only a few buyers can warm up for a CNG car, including because of the incomplete petrol station network. When it comes to CO2 taxation, it remains open what it means for natural gas cars-because all fossil fuels, including natural gas, could become significantly more expensive in the future. So far, a reduced tax rate applies.
  • LPG (LPG): The range of liquid gas cars ex works is limited; Basically, the cars have the advantage of lower fuel costs. There are no advantages in the exhaust gas standard, nor in the CO2 tax.
  • Hybrid: Normal hybrid vehicles have consumption advantages compared to petrol engines in city traffic. However, these advantages disappear on the long distance. There are now a number of hybrid concepts . Due to the low consumption, any form of CO2 taxation for hybrids is lower than with petrol engines. However, as economical as the cars may be in individual cases-they do not enjoy the advantage of state grants, the plug-in hybrids and electric cars.
  • Plug-in-hybrid (PHEV): You are able to cover certain routes purely electrically. However, the current generation of these vehicles is not yet convincing in practice . More sensible-if you do not mainly drive long distance-could be the next PHEV generation in which higher electrical ranges are possible. Many of these vehicles will come onto the market this year or 2020. These include popular Mercedes, Audi and BMW models, but also models from Skoda or Opel.
  • Electric cars: The only really long-term guarantee against driving bans and the greatest advantage in the introduction of new CO2 and consumption taxes offer e-cars (including fuel cell vehicles). All information, tests and data on these vehicles can be found on the joint portal site of chip and site. However, one should consider: You depend on the development of electricity prices – and so far they have increased in recent years due to the costs of the energy transition. In the long term, you will also have to participate in the financing of the street infrastructure, for example through a kilometer-dependent toll for all vehicles including Stromer.

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The scrappage lie: Alte Diesel simply continue in Eastern Europe

CO2 tax comes: no more petrol and diesel buy-or right now?-buy-or

Site/Wochit The scrappage lie: Alte Diesel simply continue in Eastern Europe

4. Or should you buy a thick gasoline engine right now?

It can sometimes be sensible not only on the stock exchange to act anti -cyclical. In this case: Don’t buy a new car at all. It can be seen from the supply industry that the business with spare parts increases. There should certainly be drivers who continue their old car for as long as possible, in order to then encounter electric car generation with more range at the next or next to one.If you don’t enjoy classic engines and do not shy away from the expected higher fuel prices and vehicle taxes, you should make two things clear:

  • What happened in diesel vehicles-many good vehicles went abroad because of the German special driving ban-could repeat itself with further driving bans and expensive ones even with petrol engines. Good used cars with solid, PS-strong petrol engines are already in demand on the market and quickly gone. If you still want to secure a good copy of your desired petrol engineer, you shouldn’t wait too long.
  • The world’s sharpest CO2 limit values that have been decided in the EU mean that strong gasoline and diesel engines will only come onto the market in conjunction with plug-in hybrid systems. If you want a classic petrol engine, you shouldn’t wait too long even with new cars. You have to bring the good nerves at the gas station.

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CO2 tax comes: no more petrol and diesel buy-or right now?-right

Site Four -cylinder? Wilder! Ford Mustang with V8 in the test

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CO2 tax comes: no more petrol and diesel buy-or right now?-comes

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14 thoughts on “CO2 tax comes: no more petrol and diesel buy-or right now?”

  1. Buy yes.
    In spite of it, I treated myself to a Mercedes G500 with a nice V8 petrol engine. A great … Car. And I don’t care about the FFF demonstrators. When I’m out in the city and stand at the traffic lights, I even let the engine continue to run. Because I can do it, that is fun.

  2. CO2 tax
    I would like to join my previous speakers, everything is said or. written. However, this is totally forgotten by our authorities, higher taxes will not lead to better air, but in any case affect purchasing power in the country. Because if you have to drive, you drive! No matter what it costs, my combustion engine that I am selling today will continue elsewhere tomorrow! Ok, if it is not scrapped. E vehicles are not environmentally friendly! How are the raw materials won for the batteries?Here the hardworking voters of the nature -loving party are likely to worry about their thoughts. regards….

  3. ……….
    There is enough scientific evidence that an electrical car is much more stressed by the environment than a comparable diesel. Just because, as a specialist, you think that your car hardly burdens the environment, does it not mean that an electric car is not harmful to the environment. In addition, it depends on what the mass of cars want to drive and not what they are for a "Environmentally friendly" Have a car.

  4. Who on 3.6.2019 saw the following show
    "The electric car can save the environment", This likes to do without the much -touted electromobility. There are deserts in large areas in South America just to get lithium for battery production. The habitat is taken away from the people there. Hundreds of thousands of liter best water is brought deep out of the earth and evaporates into created concrete pools, only to win lithium with further technical effort. And the people, whose cattle, whose high efforts are left over the route. Hello Young People, Friday for future activists, you are known to you and what do you intend to do about it?

  5. Dear Young People from FFF, don’t let you
    unsettle. Combined cars are a coffin nail for the climate. E-cars, correctly produced, help to adhere to the 2-degree goal. The funding conditions of Li in Chile are socially and ecologically criticized. However, the car companies are trying to enforce better standards through their market power. And work on the post-lithium&Cobalt era. The first cobalt -free batteries are ready for the market.

  6. Utopia! No German politics against the people!
    What else should we pay!Why don’t you just tell us the truth?The energy policy in Germany has failed thanks to Ms. Merkel -Murksel.The so -called CO2 tax is a dizziness, an accident to pay the billions for wind turbines that disdain our environment, the exit from coal and nuclear power, the costs for millions of migrants, for the old infrastructure.It is pathetic how the last cent should be pulled out of their pockets with a political statement.How should I actually protect the climate as an individual that exists regardless of humans and consists of data from measurements?The CO2 also has nothing to do with the climate?So what a tax pays on it? I’ll complain!

  7. It’s all about cashing, that helps the environment
    not….But that doesn’t really matter, the main thing is that you can cash in more. The largest causes such as industry, trucks, aircraft are relieved for tax purposes so that they can more and cheaper to pollute the environment…..Politics is handed over and shows what it really is about…..MONEY…and nothing else

  8. And if you
    no longer knows what to do, then you found a working group… This is how our so. government. In full panic wg. The voter running away is taken over by the environmental hype and a CO2 tax is decided. Of course, you solve all the problems, clear… The whole theater is from one "Climate cabinet" celebrated. Very nice. What we have in Berlin really mocks every description

  9. But you know better
    … And could better than the cabinet in Berlin. But does not emerge from your comment. The global industrial society is on the climate highway to Hell and they speak of "environmental hype". Just good that they don’t rule

  10. It is of all people in Germany
    Those who scream the loudest and drive the CO2 hype that do not do anything for the added value in this country. The jobs in industry or craft do not care because the money is earned too easily. It is best to order the products directly in China and not on German or European. Pay attention to jobs. But it is precisely the workers and employees whose jobs are to be destroyed who pay for the money for administration, science and education. The export finances cheap imports from China and other countries. As well as the vacation in the Maldivies, such as that of the YouTube rezo, who likes to share such pictures. Sit apart with the people who spread nonsense, they are not all honest.

  11. Mr. KOpnik,
    It is those who come to school to do dap from dad and mom with the SUV. Those who have a German hub gears are fed up with a Japanese chain circuit on the bike. Those who fly to Malle or take overseas for ice cream, take a time -out in Australia after graduation after graduating from high school. bingo.

  12. No more CO2 causing and not working
    That’s how I do it this year. I am a good person, do something for the environment. The previous years I paid 6-digit amounts to taxes. Let’s see where the dear students, students and H4 recipients are now getting the money, who is the first to go on the street when it gets tight. The problems in this country simply have to be changed. You will experience where the priorities are when luxury and prosperity go back. We currently have a luxury problem with the climate type. The Greens have not changed anything in the government coalition with the SPD. What’s the hype? The real topics in environmental protection have implemented black/red or black/yellow. The CSU introduced the first Ministry of the Environment in Bavaria.

  13. Mr. K. Miller,
    Yes there will be a distribution from top to bottom. Refurbishment costs will increase rents and the tax depreciation will be taken at the same time. The tax is calculated in prices and then the VAT is collected. I don’t know any tax that is used for purpose. If you are not available through capital, in order to renovate your assets, pay CO2 tax (indulgence trade) in the long term.

  14. CO2 seems to be the cause
    We are already so far: critics who consider climate change as not mainly caused by humans are not only here in the forum, but in the OR and in many newspapers as "Climate" sold for stupid. In truth, the IPCC itself does not know why it gets warmer because the few additional CO2 cannot bring such a warming (GR. Report 2007 KP. 8th.6.2.3: Duplication from 0.03 to 0.06 % results in 1.2 degrees. / The water vapor concentration has not increased for decades). The sun shines with 1300 watts per square meter, of which 1000 watts arrive at a clear sky. The additional rejection by carbon dioxide is a few watts when the concentration is doubled (size 1, 2 or 3 watts).


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