College Mannheim: E-car batteries more sustainable & more efficient

College Mannheim: E-car batteries more sustainable & more efficient-sustainable

The College Mannheim wants to allow for lithium-ion batteries a resource-efficient, sustainable production and make this energy storage safer and more efficient. This happens under the direction of Dr.-Ing. David Henriques, who has built a new BMBF junior group called Kems4bats. From the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), this project is funded over the next five years with around 1.6 million euros.

The scientific focus of the research group is the determination of gas and heat development. The gas development within the battery can have different reasons. One of them is the formation of a layer on the surface of the anode (Solid-Electrolyte interface) which affects the performance and stability of the battery. Even decomposition reactions of the battery materials can lead to strong gas and heat development, in the worst case for the so-called thermal Runaway, which destroys the battery.

The Kems4Bats Research Group relies on experimental analysis methods to determine the properties of new battery materials. The Hochschule Mannheim relies on the specific know-how of Pfeiffer Vacuum for applications with analyzers for gas determination in the vacuum process. The company’s analyzers range from the modular mass spectrometer with rapid measuring speed to the complex analysis system in the area of ultrahigh vacuum to atmospheric pressure.

“Science and technology play an important role in our ever-changing world. As a leading provider of vacuum equipment in the scientific field, Pfeiffer vacuum has decades of experience. We are proud to support scientific experiments and top research and look forward to exciting and promising cooperation.”- Andreas Schopphoff, Head of Market Segment R&D at Pfeiffer Vacuum

Is that the findings of the junior group will also be included in the teaching at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. This becomes DR. Henriques offer a special elective compartment for the students of the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. It is supplemented by specialist lectures by members of the Industrial Advisory Council, which accompanies the project.

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