Compact class: Now the Toyota Auris is also making itself long


Now the Toyota Auris is also making itself long

Compact class: Now the Toyota Auris is also making itself long-auris

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Toyota now also offers the Auris as a practical station wagon and calls it Auris Touring Sports.

Source: Toyota

Compact class: Now the Toyota Auris is also making itself long-class

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The starting price for the stretched Auris version is 17,150 euros. In the basic version, central locking, hill start assist and roof rails are standard.

Source: Toyota

Compact class: Now the Toyota Auris is also making itself long-making

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The Auris station wagon competes against VW Golf Variant, Ford Focus Tournament and Opel Astra Sports Tourer.

Source: Toyota

Compact class: Now the Toyota Auris is also making itself long-toyota

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With a load volume of 1658 liters, it outperforms the aforementioned competitors.

Source: Toyota

Compact class: Now the Toyota Auris is also making itself long-class

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To make loading and unloading easier, Toyota has provided the station wagon with a loading sill that extends 100 millimeters lower than the hatchback variant.

Source: Toyota

Compact class: Now the Toyota Auris is also making itself long-compact

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The Touring Sports cannot deny the close relationship to the hatchback Auris. Both have the current brand face. The front section differs only by lslightly changed headlight contours and a chrome clasp.

Source: Toyota

Compact class: Now the Toyota Auris is also making itself long-making

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There are no differences in the cockpit. In the driver’s area, sedans and station wagons are identical.

Source: Toyota

The wait is finally over. Now Toyota dealers can also offer a station wagon in the compact class. As the only large-scale manufacturer, the Japanese had so far neglected this segment.

F.The new Auris Touring is an extremely unsuitable vehicle for bank robbers. The luggage compartment offers enough space for a really big “break”. But in contrast to its inconspicuous predecessor, which was still called Corolla and was ideally suited as a getaway car due to its subtle appearance, the lifted Auris is also one of the more conspicuous appearances as a station wagon in the compact class.

Customers can see the optical quality for themselves from July 15th. For a purchase, they should be able to put at least 17,150 euros on the merchant’s table without raids. The boredom that exuded the first Auris is now a thing of the past: The second generation comes onto the market with the new brand face and exudes the self-confidence that was previously lacking.

So far, Toyota has been the only large-scale manufacturer in the compact segment to dispense with a station wagon version, although the proportion of practical and more or less contemporary transporters is around 30 percent. Now the Auris Touring Sports, produced in Burnaston, UK, wants to stir up the field from behind.

Compared to the hatchback model, the station wagon added 28.5 cm, which benefits the luggage compartment alone. Nevertheless, the silhouette of the touring sport has remained harmonious and looks quite dynamic.

More cargo volume than the Golf Variant

At 2.6 meters, the wheelbase remained unchanged compared to the hatchback model, so the space available for driver and passengers is also at the familiar level. Because there is now even more space for holiday luggage, the Auris can prove itself as a family transporter. And all the more so because the designers gave the station wagon a new rear bumper that lowered the loading sill by ten centimeters.

With a maximum load volume of 1658 liters (530 liters with the rear seat in the upright position), the Auris is the best in its class and also outperforms the new Golf Variant (1620 liters). It also offers additional shelves, including a double floor. Another practical detail in this area is the roll-up luggage net.

While the Toyota presents itself as a swallower when it comes to luggage, it turns out to be a food despiser when it comes to consumption – especially if you choose the full hybrid version. The Auris is the only model in the compact segment to have this engine. The engine (136 hp) from the Prius is content with 3.7 to 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers, which translates to 85 to 92 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

This means that the load master is also the clean man in the segment. The nickel-metal hydride battery was placed under the rear seats so that the luggage compartment is not impaired. The drive constantly alternates between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor, and thanks to the newly tuned CVT transmission, the noise generated when accelerating remains subtle.

Hybrid version creates a maximum of 175 km / h

However, the Touring, which weighs between 1.1 and 1.4 tons depending on the equipment, is not a powerhouse designed for dynamic locomotion. The range of performance ranges from 99 PS for the 1.3-liter petrol engine to 132 PS (1.6-liter petrol engine) up to 90 PS (1.4-liter diesel) and 124 PS (2.0-liter diesel) ). Consumption is a modern 4.4 to 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers. The fastest on the road is the two-liter diesel, which can reach a maximum of 195 km / h.

The hybrid version has reached its maximum speed of 175 km / h and shows its pleasant side when driving. Thanks to the extensive insulation, the driver and passengers are spared excessive acoustic stimuli. Wind noises only become noticeable beyond the 130 km / h mark without becoming annoying.

The rolling noise is also kept to a minimum. The chassis, which is designed for comfort, offers a good coordination between damping and suspension without mutating into a litter, so that the Auris can also be steered dynamically over winding stretches if necessary. The interior looks high quality thanks to the materials used and their processing. Especially in the executive version, the occupants feel at least one class better accommodated than expected.

Base price is 17,150 euros

Meanwhile, the driver is happy about his tidy workplace, which does without any bells and whistles. The two round instruments are easy to read and otherwise all switches and levers are where you intuitively assume. In addition, the seats offer very good lateral support.

The Auris Touring Sports is being launched on the market in five equipment versions. Even the basic version from 17,150 euros includes central locking, hill start assist and roof rails as standard. The Sports Cool (from 19,150 euros) has an audio system and automatic air conditioning. Sports Life also offers alloy wheels, an automatic start-stop system and the Toyota Touch multimedia audio system from EUR 20,750.

Sports Life Plus (from 21,050 euros) include chrome strips on the window frame and six loudspeakers. The Executive variant (23,900 euros) brings partial leather seats, parking aid and cruise control to the station wagon.

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