Comparison of rental car providers: How to identify good rental car providers in comparison


How to recognize good rental car providers in comparison

Almost everyone needs it sooner or later: the rental car. A large number of different providers – whether car rental companies or agents – have a large selection of rental cars ready, the comparison is usually worthwhile.

URegardless of whether you want to rent a rental car for a day or a week, you should compare the rental car providers beforehand. First of all, it is important to know whether you would like to use one of the meanwhile globally active agents for rental cars. These offer the possibility of comparing the various providers on different portals on the Internet. An alternative to this would be to obtain offers directly from the large, internationally operating car rental companies.

Rental car providers differ in the details

If you want to compare the different offers for rental cars, you should take a look at the details that the packages offered over the phone or on the Internet contain. But first you should start by staking out a frame. The key data that are required include the calculated price, the vehicle category, the accessories – such as navigation devices or child seats – doors and the number of people traveling. These basic data make it easier to compare providers in the rental car sector. If there are several offers for this, you should look into the details in order to be able to make a comparison.

Which provider you choose later or which additional agreements still have to be made depends of course on the price, but also on the needs of the traveler at his destination. If the rental car is to be driven by several people who are not related to each other, a separate fee usually has to be paid. So-called one-way rents are due if the rental car is not returned to where it was picked up from the provider; this must also be compared.

There are also differences when it comes to insurance. In case of doubt, it is worth paying a slightly higher price there, but being better protected in the event of damage.

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