Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette – the expensive difference


Porsche versus Corvette – the expensive difference

Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette - the expensive difference-porsche

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Porsche 911 GT2 versus Corvette Z06 – two super sports cars in a class of their own. They stand for opposing concepts when trying to build the perfect sports car.

Source: Axel F. Busse

Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette - the expensive difference-expensive

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The Porsche 911 GT2 trumps with a 3.6-liter double turbo with 530 hp.

Source: Porsche

Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette - the expensive difference-expensive

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The most powerful model in the 911 family is equipped with mighty 325 tires.

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Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette - the expensive difference-difference

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The difference between the GT2 and the ordinary 911 Turbo can be recognized by the huge rear spoiler at the latest.

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Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette - the expensive difference-expensive

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In order to create that real racing driver feeling, you also need seats that, at least in terms of shape, are reminiscent of those used by real racing drivers. In the ultra-light carbon bowls paHowever, not every driver’s body is by any means.

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Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette - the expensive difference-versus

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Porsche has covered the steering wheel and gear lever of the GT2 with Alcantara.

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Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette - the expensive difference-porsche

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The Corvette Z06 doesn’t have to hide behind the GT2 with its seven-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine and 500 hp.

Source: Axel F. Busse

Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette - the expensive difference-corvette

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The current version of the American racing car icon is the most powerful and fastest Corvette of all time.

Source: Axel F. Busse

Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette - the expensive difference-versus

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However, there is one big difference between the two supercars: the price. While Porsche charges just under 190,000 euros for the GT2, the Corvette costs almost 100,000 eurosro less.

Source: Thomas_Geiger

Comparison: Porsche versus Corvette - the expensive difference-comparison

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The Corvette also has room for improvement. The Z06 model, tuned by GeigerCars, produces 542 hp.


Two approaches to building the perfect sports car: What makes the 911 GT 2 and the Corvette Z06 comparable are numbers. More than 300 km / h fast, less than four seconds from 0 to 100 and each one an enormous torque. They are two-seaters, rear-wheel drive cars, and they look bold.

S.The comparison between the Porsche 911 GT2 and Corvette Z06 is not because of the similarities, but also because of the differences. These vehicles represent opposing concepts in trying to build the perfect sports car. The Corvette‘s seven-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine challenges the Porsche‘s 3.6-liter twin turbo; the uncompromising subordination of comfort to performance runs counter to the intention of reconciling suitability for racetracks with travel comfort.

And the question arises: is it justified that one super sports car is almost twice as expensive as the other, which offers almost as much performance, top speed and prestige? Porsche charges 189,496 euros for its GT2 in Germany. Including DVD navigation, full leather equipment and polished aluminum rims, the Corvette Z06 is almost a bargain. Test car price: 96,430 euros. What both offer for this is the abundant use of aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium and what the finest racing technology is still used today.

So that Porsche customers don’t run the risk of their high-tech sports car being mistaken for an ordinary 911 Turbo, the GT2 has been given a huge rear spoiler. At 200 km / h, it puts a good 30 kilograms of additional contact pressure on the rear axle. In the rare cases where you can drive over 300 km / h, it is even 70 kilos. The Corvette, on the other hand, looks almost harmless. Connoisseurs pay attention to the lettering "Z06 “on the front fender and the wider track at the back.

Both are not space miracles. A luggage compartment with more than 600 liters under the tailgate is quickly put into perspective if, as with the Corvette, you can only load 232 kilograms. In addition to the sparse front compartment (105 liters), the Porsche still has storage space behind the seats, but can also pack an additional 310 kilograms.

Leather upholstery in the Corvette, carbon shells in the Porsche

It’s sporty inside the Porsche. Where other cars have their seats, he wears two ultra-light carbon buckets with six-point harness belts. They are the optional remedy against lateral acceleration and offer excellent grip – if they fit. You shouldn’t be built too wide, not even too small, because there is no height or inclination adjustment. The Corvette underlines its suitability for everyday use with electrically adjustable leather upholstery, but cannot keep up with the processing quality of the Porsche interior.

And how do the PS monsters ride, which are only available with a six-speed manual gearbox? The brute force development of the GT2 requires a good driver. The rear-heavy weight distribution (60:40) and the cup tires, which are only partially suitable for rain-soaked roads, only allow maximum use of performance under ideal external conditions.

On a free track, you can experience the thrill of shifting down to fifth gear at 240 km / h and unleashing a thrust that can hardly be more energetic. Or you can enjoy the precision of the sensitive steering, which often makes braking in corners superfluous and steers the car around the corner as if pulled on a string. Beware of stop-and-go traffic, however. The heavy clutch can quickly turn the left leg into a case for physical therapy.

Curves are also fun in the Corvette

The Z06 does not have this exuberant urge to move forward. It also mobilizes more than 600 Newton meters of torque, but the eight-cylinder needs more than twice as many revolutions as the GT2. The balanced weight distribution guarantees pleasure in fast corners, but the experience does not have the immediacy of the GT2.

In the sprint from zero to one hundred you don’t have to change gears (like the Porsche for 3.7 seconds), but the attraction of the American lies more in the calmness of waiting for the other person’s challenge. Those who like to shift need not fear the clutch and can look forward to a rumbling V8 sound.

Not only the exhaust, but also the gearbox is located under the loading floor of the Corvette. It is therefore not recommended to transport perishable goods there – the carpet can heat up to over 40 degrees Celsius.

In the environmental rating, the Corvette didn’t look as old as the huge engine would suggest. The Z06 needed an average of 13.6 liters and the Porsche 12.3 liters for the roughly 600 kilometers of test. Only once, at a constant 100 km / h, was the Corvette able to undercut the GT2: The V8 purrs just above idling speed and the on-board computer shows 9.9 liters.

Conclusion: The driving experience in the GT2 cannot be cracked even by the sportiest Corvette to date. With excessive power and precise handling with manageable consumption, it makes itself the measure of all things. Those who are satisfied with a little less will get impressive performance, comfort and everyday use from the Z06 – and save 100,000 euros on top of that.

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