Comparison test: These are the best car markets on the Internet


These are the best car markets on the internet

Comparison test: These are the best car markets on the Internet-these

Buying a car on the Internet: There are currently eight different car exchanges vying for customers – the portals live from the fee that commercial providers have to pay

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Is it better to choose from 230,000 cars, or do you need to choose from 1.9 million offers? The car club "Mobil in Deutschland" determined the differences between eight German car exchanges.

E.A good comparison test also clearly shows who has won. According to the evaluation criteria of the Autoklub Mobil in Germany, the best internet car exchange can be found at

The club gave six individual grades between 1 and 6 and calculated the average from them. According to this, has an overall grade of 1.33 before (1.5). Follow with a little distance (2.17), (2.33) and then three portals with a grade of 2.5:, and brings up the rear with an average grade of 3.

Car sales mostly for free

At there is also the smallest selection with 230,000 offers (sub-rating 4), but that is not the only reason: The website operated in cooperation with Motorpresse-Verlag (“Auto, Motor und Sport”) is also the only one that does takes money from private sellers of used cars, six euros per listing.

On all other portals, parking the car is free (if you are not a dealer), photos can also be uploaded free of charge: Between five ( and 15 files (, Autoscout24, are allowed.

The evaluation criteria included the number of search criteria, which the operators of the car exchanges handle very differently. At Quoka, you can only filter for seven properties, while the average for the other addresses is beyond 50. The most thorough search is at, where 68 criteria are available.

For private sellers, “Mobil in Deutschland” was still testing how easy it is to offer one’s own car for sale. Here Quoka is at the top: It only takes four mouse clicks to get the car online, whereas Autoscout24 requires eleven clicks. and Autoscout24 are ahead

Despite the effort, with the number two in the test, the chance that the ad will be seen is theoretically not even higher: the Autoklub reports 6.37 million visitors per month for Autoscout24, while Quoka has as much as 6.5 million – but what It may have something to do with the fact that real estate, animals, jobs and much more are also offered here. Quoka cooperates with Ebay and – with Autoscout24.

According to the winner, has the most visitors, namely 6.9 million. Things are much quieter at, here “Mobil in Deutschland” only sees 520,000 visitors per month. However, the number of visitors and the registered advertisements say nothing about the number of used cars available in Germany: In many cases, cars are offered for sale several times.

What should you watch out for when selling a car??

In order to find a buyer as quickly as possible, it is important to write an exact description of the car and select detailed pictures. The description should contain all the equipment features, the most important at the beginning. These include, for example, ESP, navigation systems, headlights and materials. Defects should also be mentioned. Before the car is photographed, it should be cleaned thoroughly, personal items should also not be in the picture. Pay attention to the flash when taking photos, flashed details do not convince buyers.

If you need help in estimating a reasonable purchase price, you can enter the vehicle data into an online calculator input. If a beetle is finally found, then the sale runs according to your rules, that is, the purchase process is carried out as agreed. Do not respond to sudden changes on the part of the buyer. In principle, only the contract template you have prepared is signed. If a test drive is planned, it should only take place during the day and accompanied by a trustworthy person. If damage occurs, the buyer has to pay for it. If you insist on cash payments, checks, credit cards or deposits will not be accepted. It is just as important to de-register the car. In addition, the insurance company and the registration office must be informed that the car has been sold.

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