Completely sealed off in the car: Tesla wants to copy headphone technology – news

With a new function that Tesla plays on its vehicles via an over-the-air update, future trips should become calmer: The car manufacturer donates active noise suppression to its electricity, as is known from headphones. However, the update does not exist for every Tesla model. One of them, the Model X, see it in our video in the test.

Owners of a newer Tesla Model X or Model S should look forward to an update that the US car maker is currently playing on his Stromer. With the refresh carried out at the beginning of the year, the two models have received microphones on the seats that can now be used for active noise suppression.

The whole thing works in a similar way to active noise suppression in headphones: the or. The microphones absorb the ambient noise, then a "Counterfeit" Calculated, which is output via the speakers and should eliminate the background noise.

The function is supposed to suppress noise from the outside

The new feature is likely to aim at situations in which the road material or its local nature produces noise. According to the Netzwelt news portal, the first users describe a noticeable but not particularly great effect.

The function is not available for Model 3 and Model Y, since the seats do not have appropriate microphones. Tesla is not the only manufacturer that offers the function: Mercedes, Ford, Honda, Hyundai and Lexus also offer ANC technologies (Active Noise Cancelling) for some of their vehicles.

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