Concept EQS: Maybach Before Electrical Future

Concept EQS: Maybach Before Electrical Future-future

With the Concept EQs Mercedes-Maybach gives a concrete view of the first fully electric production model of the traditional luxury brand. The SUV concept vehicle is based on the modular architecture for electric vehicles of the luxury and upper class of Mercedes-Benz and leads the exclusivity of Maybach into a locally emission-free future, it says in a message. The production-related unique show Maybach-typical recognition features such as the complex two-color painting and executive sitting in the rear area.

Because customers in the core markets of China, Russia, South Korea, USA and Germany are always younger, however, the definition of luxury changes. “Many of our Mercedes-Maybach customers are highly digitally networked and put the highest demands on our digital solutions,” says Daimler board member Britta Seeger. “They also expect that the brand of your choice for sustainable values occurs and responsibility for the environment takes over.”The fully electric powertrain allows not only sustainable mobility, but also a new level of peace and relaxation for passengers.

Concept EQS: Maybach Before Electrical Future-conceptMercedes Benz

The concept vehicle can be recognized immediately as a member of the Mercedes-Maybach and the Mercedes-EQ family, states and give an outlook on the first full-electric SUV in the luxury segment. This EQS SUV will go to the coming year before the Maybach in series. According to WLTP measurements, the Mercedes-EQS SUV architecture is planned by around 600 kilometers.

“With the Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQs, we transform the brand after 100 years into an electric future,” promises Daimler boss designer Gorden Wagener. The front with the progressive Maybach Grill episode the principle of integration and the brand of the brand a completely new appearance. The classic Maybach lettering on the front hood, the upright-placed Mercedes star and the longitudinated, chromed trim in the middle of the hoods are a homage to the tradition.

Another exclusive equipment option is the automatic comfort doors front and back. If the user goes to the vehicle, enter the door handles first. Upon further approximation, the driver’s door opens automatically, the rear doors can be remotely-controlled. The MBux Hyperscreen presented itself according to company information with Maybach-specific display styles and content. This large, curved screen unit pulls almost from A-pillar to A-pillar. Three screens sit under a cover glass and merge visually. The passenger has the 12.3-inch OLED display over its own display and operating area.

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4 thoughts on “Concept EQS: Maybach Before Electrical Future”

  1. The illustration shows a typical Chinese proteze vehicle with Mercedes star.

    Mercedes obviously hopes, only through this Signet could consist of a European company against the Far Eastern competition in the local market. Bonne chance.

  2. Probably the battery must then even get a good deal bigger than the 107 kWh in the EQS – with sustainability and efficiency that unfortunately does not have so much.
    Who for such a prerequisite then 200.000 € or even more paid, unfortunately, it is no longer to help anyway.
    But such egomanies the environment goes anyway on …. past.

  3. The thing weighs 4 tons. That’s ecological madness.

    And E mobility is apparently used to use luxury carts and similar green ..

    That “thick” E models are covered by politics is absurd by making emission technology no difference between an e-scooter and a 4-ton of Mercedes

    1. Production costs: a fat E car (with corresponding battery) devours significantly more (rare and energy intensive) resources and energy.

    2. Consumption: We are far from 100% renewable energies and can not make a waste accordingly; and we will not have this surplus not over the next few years.

    Whether you do not have a CO2 locally over the car (at e) now does nothing to do. The (100% green) electricity (more accumulated in the example) is still consumed (more) and is missing elsewhere and we need to use fossil energies or akw electricity.

    But if I drive with the 4 tons of E-SUV for organic farmers and there are 2 kg of vegetables, I’m supposedly what the environment: FacePalm:
  4. What the luxury car is to be paid, that should be clear.

    An analysis of the election programs

    Tax up or down for top earners?

    All parties promise tax relief for the time after the general elections. Especially the middle and small income should no longer have to grab as deep in the pocket. However, the party programs show significant differences in the high income over 150.000 EURO. While green, left and the SPD want to charge this tax, Promise Union and FDP the highest percent reliefs calculated for the top earners. How you want to finance the billion losses in the state budget is unclear. Because tax increases should not exist.


    Even if the money is missing front and back, Black-yellow is the big ones. Whether it makes the other parties better? – probably not, because after the election, it’s about posts and lakes to party donations and paid lectures for politicians who would like to have from the top earners.

    It would be nice if the policy at least For renewable energies, the brakes could solve the brakes and because they would perceive their responsibility for drastic CO2 reduction and not only offer mini solutions that we need decades and slides directly into the disaster.

    In a television interview I heard the sentence:

    “The policy always reacts when she stands with his back on the wall.”

    The politicians are almost always going to something happened and then you promise a lot and hope that people are forgotten half and are satisfied with a consolation pavement for the other half.

    Railways, train stations, bridges, Schools, digitization, fiberglass expansion, mobile networks in the countryside, animal welfare, agriculture, retirement, sickness / elegant care, etc. – everything only in need of care or maintained. Read reinforced reforms from the industrial, capital and insurance lobby.

    In the countries outside Deuschland You can see many examples like it’s better and the politicians would not even have to break their heads, but only take the good stuff.


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