Concept Recharge: Design language for the next generation of Volvo-E cars

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Concept Recharge: Design language for the next generation of Volvo-E cars-design

The electrification is far more than a new drive technology for Volvo – it is also available for a paradigm shift in automotive design, so the manufacturer in a current message. With the Concept Recharge Volvo wants to show the direction for the new generation of its fully electric vehicles. The concept vehicle follow the tradition of Scandinavian design and denote the approach “less, but better”.

So the elimination of the internal combustion engine gave the designers the opportunity to redefine the proportions of future models and thus significantly improve both the space in the interior and aerodynamics. The result is a vehicle that offers many new and better solutions that make it easier to make family life sustainably.

The first electric car generation of Volvo is currently sharing the ground group with conventionally powered models. This requires compromises with proportions and room offer to accommodate a battery or an internal combustion engine depending on the drive concept.

Unlike the next generation of fully electric models to run with the first SUV on a new technology platform designed exclusively on electric drive: This has a flat floor under which the battery pack is located. Because at the same time the internal combustion engine is eliminated, wheelbase and the wheels could be increased as well as shortened body superconducts at the front and rear. This results in significantly more space in the interior, especially between the front seats.

Concept Recharge: Design language for the next generation of Volvo-E cars-rechargeVolvo

In the Volvo Concept Recharge, the designers have used this further development to reorder the seats, to optimize the roofline and lower the bonnet. Compared to a typical SUV, the aerodynamics thus improves, which in turn increases the drive efficiency as well as range. At the same time, the increased seating position was retained, which is estimated by drivers of SUV models.

Less is more: the new Volvo design language

With the concept vehicle Volvo also introduces a new design language. According to the leitmotiv “less, but better” all unnecessary elements were removed – what remains flush. The classic grille, for example, is a shield-like structure that is flanked by a new interpretation of the “Thors Hammer” headlight designs. This includes the latest HD-enabled graphics technology, which releases the main lighting units at night.

Concept Recharge: Design language for the next generation of Volvo-E cars-generationVolvo

At the stern, the brand-typical vertical taillights also show up in a new form with surprising function: they expand at higher speed and should thus improve the aerodynamics. “Our Volvo Concept Recharge gives an outlook on the fully electric future of Volvo Cars and a new kind of vehicle,” explains Volvo Design Chef Robin Page. “The modern proportions increase the versatility in the interior. At the same time, the concept vehicle shows what can enable new technology in terms of design.”

Great touchscreen and sustainable materials

The new design language also shapes the interior: The flat floor ensures a larger space and improves the seating position for all occupants. A 15-inch Touch Screen in portrait format is the center of the new networked infotainment system. It should enable logical, intuitive operation and contribute to a relaxed, calm user experience. Again, Volvo’s value on clean lines and the generous use of sustainable and natural materials.

Concept Recharge: Design language for the next generation of Volvo-E cars-conceptVolvo

“Inside we have created a Scandinavian living room atmosphere,” says Robin Page. “Here is our latest service technology with sustainable and natural materials. Each element is like a work of art and would also work as a single piece of furniture in a room. We do not use further developments on the end of it, but concentrate on the benefits associated with it.”

Prepared on autonomous driving

In the Volvo Concept Recharge, the security goals reflect the manufacturer pursued. On the roof of the concept vehicle is a luminar-developed Lidar sensor, which collects data on the vehicle environment and plays an essential role for future autonomous driving technology.

Concept Recharge: Design language for the next generation of Volvo-E cars-generationVolvo

“On the way to our fully electric future, we interpret the Volvo Concept Recharge our design DNA on a modern and fresh way,” concluding Robin Page. “He has everything that customers expect from a purely electrical Volvo. It is exciting to transfer this philosophy to our next generation of vehicles.”

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