Confused pedals: 415,000 euro Ferrari hit the wall


415,000 euro Ferrari hit the wall

Confused pedals: 415,000 euro Ferrari hit the wall-confused

Brake and accelerator mixed up: an Italian raced into a shop in Rome in a Ferrari 599 GTB. The driver was slightly injured, but the car was badly damaged

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If you hold the accelerator pedal for the brake in a Ferrari 599 GTB, it has fatal consequences. This expensive mishap happened to an Italian. Unfortunately, he’s not the owner of the car.

E.There are mistakes that cannot be made good. For example, when you actually want to step on the brakes on a Ferrari 599 GTB, but instead depress the accelerator pedal. Then everything happens very quickly, and even the fastest reaction is no longer of any use.

An Italian had to go through this very painful and extremely expensive experience. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even his own car, but then this mishap might not have happened to him either.

There are still rumors surrounding the identity of the driver involved in the accident. Some Italian sources claim that a hotel employee simply took the supercar to take for a spin while the owner, a Dutch hotel guest, slept unsuspectingly. Other sources want to know that the crash pilot is a workshop employee who should bring the car back to the hotel.

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But no matter who the driver was, the fact that he was behind the wheel of a super sports car (which, according to the Italian media, is worth around 415,000 euros; the new car price was 242,000 euros), seemed to have made him very nervous . After all, the brake and accelerator pedal are not arranged any differently on a Ferrari than on a driving school Golf.

The drive in the Ferrari 599 GTB ended in a shop front just a few streets away from the hotel. The driver was slightly injured, but the car was seriously injured. Whether the Ferrari, of which actually only the rear has remained intact, can be repaired is currently not foreseeable.

Gleeful comments on Facebook

It is also at the rear that you can tell that some observers are wrong with the type designation of the Ferrari. They claim that the crashed super sports car is a 599 GTO. However, since the car does not have the ventilation openings at the rear that are typical for the GTO, it must be a 599 GTB Fiorano. It was built from 2006 to 2010 and has a V12 front engine with 620 hp.

If it had actually been a GTO, the loss would be even greater. Because the GTO is a special model limited to 599 copies. For a short time, the 599 GTO was the fastest road Ferrari of all time. When it was launched, the 599 GTB was “only” the second most powerful Ferrari behind the Ferrari Enzo.

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With its 6.0-liter V12 and 620 hp, the 599 GTB accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds. The Italian who caused the accident was probably a bit surprised by the force of the acceleration. Fortunately, however, he did not press the accelerator all the way down, because Ferrari states that the top speed is 330 km / h.

"I was a little confused – instead of the brake I pressed the gas pedal down," "Corriere della Sera" quotes the unfortunate driver. The photos of the destroyed Ferrari made the rounds on Facebook and Twitter shortly after the accident.

A comment from a Dutchman read: "Valet parking – Italian style". Which translates as: “The Italian way of a hotel employee to park.” The commentator was probably not the Ferrari owner. He doesn’t feel like joking right now.

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