Consumer advocates are calling for changes in e-car funding

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Smaller and cheaper cars should be given priority

Consumer advocates are calling for changes in e-car funding-calling

The Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv) has now spoken out in favor of significant changes in the promotion of e-cars. You don’t have to subsidize every luxury car, according to the head of the consumer protection association, Klaus Muller, according to Automobilwoche.

In the government program, the SPD, the Greens and the FDP had committed themselves to leaving the e-car funding unchanged in 2022 allow. According to this, the funding is to be geared more towards climate protection and will be discontinued from 2025.

However, Muller apparently calls for a more social orientation of the funding. Purchase premiums should only be given for cars below 40,000 euros list price. So far, e-cars have also been subsidized above this limit up to a net list price of 65,000 euros, but then with a reduced subsidy rate.

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Before Christmas, the vzbv expert responsible for mobility, Marion Jungbluth, had spoken out in favor of granting the funding only up to a household income of a maximum of 100,000 euros (press release). Apparently Muller did not repeat this request.

A functioning used car market for electric cars is also important, according to Muller. "And that should be the smaller and medium-sized cars in particular." Because many consumers are dependent on these cheaper vehicles.

Reliable, standardized information on the battery’s state of health is important for used buyers. In order to strengthen the used market, the state could subsidize the costs of battery testing, according to a proposal by Muller.

In addition, Muller demands that the funding be limited to really environmentally friendly cars. This particularly applies to plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), which are loaded too seldom.

Approaches to a more restrictive promotion of PHEVs can already be found in the government program. According to this, PHEVs must have an electrical range of 80 kilometers from August 1, 2023 in order to receive funding. In addition, the funding is to be linked to a minimum electric driving portion – the program was not more specific.

According to Muller, the expansion of the charging network must also progress; the clutter when paying and the tariff jungle should disappear. Even when traveling, electric car drivers should be able to be sure of getting electricity at the charging station.

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