Consumer protectors: not promote every luxury electric car

Consumer protectors: not promote every luxury electric car-consumer

The new traffic light coalition from SPD, Greens and FDP wants to make the promotion of E-cars more strongly on climate protection. This also see the consumer centers so and demand much more targeted purchase incentives in this context. The boss of the Federal Association (VZBV) Klaus Muller wants for example buying bonds only at list prices under 40.000 Euro, so far, an upper limit of 65.000 EURO. That reports “ “Calling on messages of the German press agency dpa. “You do not have to subsidize every luxury car from the state – even if it’s an electric car,” Muller is quoted.

In addition, the consumer protector calls for a functioning used car market for E-cars – especially smaller and medium models. It depends on many who would change to e-mobility, but could not have a new car or wanted to. The condition of the batteries is an important point in this context, it says in a paper of the association. Used car buyer would have to receive reliable and standardized health information on the battery of the battery. To strengthen confidence in used e-cars, the cost of testing batteries should be subsidized.

As it continues in the report, Muller wants to spend only electric cars promoted, which have proven to have a positive climate effect. Problematic are about hybrid models that would be less electrically and more driven with fossil energies. Federal Minister of Robert Habeck (Greens) have announced a realignment from 2023. The current grants were recently renewed until the end of 2022. So in the new year with the “innovation premium” is a promotion of up to 9000 euros for purely electric cars and up to 6750 euros for plug-in vehicles.

In addition, the consumer central pace demand for further conversion – especially when expanding the shop networks. The partially prevailing “Warrad on Payment Systems and Prices” does not contribute to simplification and reliability, so Muller. But e-auto buyers need the safety, on vacation, on a business trip or visiting another federal state does not stay with empty battery. Even with one’s own behavior, a rethink must be used. For many, it is still difficult to imagine that the “tank break” just no longer only five minutes last as in gasoline or diesel, but maybe 20 or 30 minutes.

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4 thoughts on “Consumer protectors: not promote every luxury electric car”

  1. In Germany, only a few BEV models are built below 40000 € list price for the basic model.
    From the big brands: BMW I3, VW ID.3, VW ID.4 and Cupra Born
    Many are even over 65000 € list price.
    A promotion only below 40000 € would therefore be industrial policy bad.

  2. So welcome every new registered Bev is, already the lump-sum extension of the current funding height for a whole year I see critical. The current earnings situation of the automotive industry is very good (driven by chip deficiency and thereby demand overhang) very well. The short-time working allowance pays thank value of taxpayers ..

    A more dynamic adaptation of the subsidies to the respective market events would be more sensible here. (It does not have to be thrown in Altmaierscher PV manner with lids and corridors &# 128521; )

  3. I believe this Muller has nothing at all. Luxury cars with electric drive get no funding in Germany. I drive a Tacy, because the funding amount was 0 Euro. And that is not a problem for the customers, the car is extremely asked. Because he is beautiful and technically perfect. Also the Mercedes EQS has no funding and how to hear, receive traders in the US 50.000 € surcharge on the list price. We have to go down from the promotion anyway and a way is that unvefered cars are so convincing that they do not need a promotion.

  4. I look very similar, like David.
    From which price range is a vehicle for ever a luxury goods?
    This limit is certainly not a flat rate of 40.000 € to use – for that you do not even get a VW bus even in the combustion area.

    Also in America, the Autolobby tried Tesla’s market access – market share at Tesla is still nearly 70% – without promotion – is possible &# 128578;

    I would be more likely to relieve low-income professional commuters for the necessary (so only professionally) to driving mileage tax.

    The BEVs will soon reach the price parity with the burners anyway (keyword: Total Cost of Ownership)

    We would have bought our Tesla without promotion – just from conviction for the paying money to have received the optimal equivalent – the “grin” with every ride is quasi additional equipment – even without extra charge &# 128578;


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