Consumer protectors: wallbox grant yes – but only with e-car

Consumer protectors: wallbox grant yes - but only with e-car-grant

To bring the e-mobility to drive, the city takes a lot of money in the hand. Electric cars are funded as well as the expansion of the infrastructure. And: there were grants for private wallboxes without having to have an electric car?. 800 million euros alone included this multi-stated conveyor pot, which is now exhausted. This practice has now criticized Klaus Muller, writes the “New Osnabrucker Zeitung”. Although the Management Board of the Consumer Center of Bundesverband demands an extension of the promotion – but other conditions.

“Demand after promotion for private charging infrastructure has shown that the interest in e-mobility increases,” quotes the sheet of Muller. In order not to stop this startup, the grants should be extended again until the end of 2022. Muller: “To prevent taking effects, the promotion should be coupled to the possession or the purchase of an E-car to be detected.”At the same time he demanded to consider to what extent private charging stations could be shared with other e-auto owners. Electromobility is a building block for successful climate protection.

In the support program of the Federal Government, the applicants had to fulfill different conditions, but it did not belong that one also has an electric car or buy. Housesowners, tenants and landlords got a subsidy of 900 euros per charging point. If two cars can load at a time of a wallbox, it has two charging points by definition – there was then the double subsidy. The cost of installation work, an energy management system for controlling the charging station and the purchase of a new wallbox could be asserted. Since November 2020, according to the credit bank for reconstruction (KfW), about 800.000 funding applications approved. How many of the promoted an electric car possess, the KfW can not say according to “Noz”.

Even those who install the wallboxes do not know how many applicants have an electric car, it says. The Central Association of German Electrical and Information Technology Handwerke (ZVEH) are no numbers. After the estimation of the association, taking effects, however, are quite involved and desired, “especially if nobody can install a wallbox, if he does not think at least in the long term, to switch to a, electricity,” the newspaper.

The Confederation of taxpayers see the current promotion of e-mobility critically, it means. The President of the Covenant of Taxpayers Germany, pure wooden nail, is quoted with the assessment, whether a technology-open approach would be smarter, which also includes hydrogen and alternative fuels. However, it is still better to promote Germany’s infrastructure as directly the purchase of electric cars.

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1 thought on “Consumer protectors: wallbox grant yes – but only with e-car”

  1. I know many people who have a wallbox have installed, although they have no electric car. The inhibition threshold at the next car purchase on electricity is still much lower. That’s why I do not understand the critique either. On the one hand you always hear: “As long as I have no loading opportunity near my parking space, I do not buy an e-car.”People do the opportunity, though they have no car, is it wrong again.

    And listen to this technology-open nonsense. We would have had time 30 years ago. Now we have shouted the time and we have to act now. Not if at some point might be perceived watercraft vehicles and somebody in distant countries has built the producer capacity for green hydrogen for us. How long should that take?

    I would also be more for a financial syringe for the infrastructure and a degressive promotion of vehicles. The manufacturer’s share can now be eliminated. He only veils the real prices.



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