Consumption: The new Mercedes B-Class learns to save fuel


The new Mercedes B-Class learns to save fuel

Consumption: The new Mercedes B-Class learns to save fuel-mercedes

The new B-Class from Mercedes

Source: Daimler AG

At the auto show in Leipzig, Mercedes wants to present a contemporary B-Class. The voice-controlled hard drive navigation appears modern and the new parking aid is also impressive. But the new tricks that can be used to save a lot of fuel are really good.

R.and three years after its debut, the Mercedes B-Class will not only get a new front, new seat covers and a number of new extras such as hard-disk navigation with voice control and an automatic parking assistant that will drive the car maneuvered backwards into the gap almost by itself. The B-Class is finally learning to save fuel.

Revised engines with fuel consumption advantages of up to seven percent are the answer from Mercedes to Blue Motion from VW or Efficient Dynamics (BMW). In addition, the age of the automatic start-stop system begins with the B-Class. The starter is replaced by a generator connected via a belt drive so that the electronics can switch the engine off at the red light and switch it on again when it is green without any noticeable delay. Mercedes has not yet revealed how much that makes up in the standard cycle. However, up to nine percent can be assumed.

There are also four petrol and two diesel engines for the B-Class, covering a power range from 95 to 193 hp. The two diesels, in which thirst is reduced by up to seven percent depending on the tires, benefit from the revision. You can drive the most economical B-Class with 5.2 liters and only have to go to the petrol pump every 1000 kilometers. And a B-Class can even do without petrol or diesel at times.

Mercedes is bringing the natural gas drive, which was previously only available in the E-Class, to the B-Class: as the B 170 NGT BlueEfficiency, the 116-hp five-door model has, in addition to the unchanged petrol tank, five natural gas tanks with a capacity of 16 kilograms and a range of 300 kilometers enable. The driver can change the operating modes at the push of a button. With a standard consumption of 7.3 liters of super or 4.9 kilograms, the B-Class has an operating range of more than 1000 kilometers. And the environment and your wallet benefit equally with every kilometer of natural gas: CO2 emissions are around 17 percent cheaper than gasoline-powered vehicles, and fuel costs are just half as much. However, you should be able to get over the fact that the trunk shrinks a little due to the five gas bottles under the car floor.

After Mercedes had already presented a C-Class with the BlueEfficiency package in Geneva, the new B-Class marks a further step in the race to catch up, which aims to reduce the ecological gap to VW and BMW. But the developers at Daimler are far from reaching their goal: “Alone this year”; Development Board Member Thomas Weber promised in Geneva that “Mercedes will have 20 BlueEfficiency from the A to the S class.”

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