Container logistics network Contargo goes first step to decarbonization

Container logistics network Contargo goes first step to decarbonization-network

By 2050, the Container Hinterland Logistics Network Contargo has planned its decarbonization. The first step in this direction you have gone early May. The first of six container trucks with E-engine was put into operation at this time. This is a semitrailer with electric motor of the Dutch truck producer DAF.

This was handed over Rhenus Trucking, which provides this and all other E-trucks of the fleet as service providers to their customer contargo. The first E-truck is used for the delivery and collection of containers to a wide variety of loading points, under the direction of the DIT Duisburg Intermodal Terminal. In the next few days, the DIT will receive a second e-truck. Four another 44-tonner will gradually be delivered to the Contargo terminals in Neuss and Emmerich in 2019, two of Framo and Eforce.

“Here is invested in innovative technologies. This protects the environment and strengthens the business location of North Rhine-Westphalia. From the experiences that Contargo will collect with the E-truck fleet in the next few years, others can benefit.”- Hendrik Wust, NRW Transport Minister

Michael Veifers, Board of Rhenus, gives that “willingness to test new technologies to offer resource-saving logistics” at Rhenus was very pronounced. Ceifers also emphasizes in this context that one is technology. One will steadily develop the vehicle fleet in the sense of its own customers – whether with battery, hydrogen, LNG or CNG operated.

“We want to go with our customer contargo an innovative way, which has not yet gone any other logistics service provider yet. The ordered six e trucks we will provide contargo form the first battery powered truck fleet in Germany. This puts in different directions the signal that this technology has a future.”- Sascha Hahnke, Managing Director Rhenus Trucking

Kristin Kahl, Sustainable Solutions, Contargo GmbH & Co. Kg., In turn, the planned decarbonization goes no later than 2050. The company is aware that “in particular means of transport trucks and ship cause most CO2 emissions,” so you’ll sit down exactly there.

With the six E-trucks, the CO2 emissions are reduced by at least 38 percent compared to the use of diesel trucks – even when using conventional electricity -. As soon as all the participating terminals have switched completely to eco flow, CO2 emissions will fall to 89 percent, so weighth.

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1 thought on “Container logistics network Contargo goes first step to decarbonization”

  1. Great!

    That’s innovation pace!

    2050! All attention!

    That’s long-term planning. I’m curious where the old diesel will be refueling 2040? And what then the liter costs?

    How old is the managing director, which plans so long-term?

    How much compensation did he get in his revolution?

    And how many employees have become unemployed at the insolvency of the “innovative” company?

    This is called environmental and responsibility!

    But again a nice press photo with the suit and shaft carriers.


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