Conversion in summer: VW-Emden continues transformation

Conversion in summer: VW-Emden continues transformation-vw-emden

During the upcoming factory burial of 2. to 27. August uses Volkswagen Emden the transformation to the E-site consistently and with a high speed. More than 1,000 employees work on around 300 construction sites and externally employees to bring the site to the next phase of the workgroup, so the manufacturer in a current message. In addition, the construction measures for the new assembly hall progresses, in which the E-vehicles will run from the band in the future.

The location will conclude the conversion in the first half of 2022 and start the volume production of E-vehicles. The transformation of the Emder Werk is an indispensable building block of the ACCelerate Strategy of Volkswagen. With Accelerate, the company turns out early and consistently on the profound changes in the automotive industry.

“In the coming four weeks we provide more important points for the start of the ID.4 in Emden. The transformation to the second major E-Werk of Volkswagen in Germany next to Zwickau is now in the crucial phase. At the same time we optimize the production to secure a smooth restart for the Passat and Arteon after the factory leave. There is therefore great thanks to all involved in Volkswagen but also external companies that will work in the factory during production rest.”- Uwe Schwartz, Werkleiter Emden Volkswagen

In order to gain necessary open spaces for the existing installation of Passat and Arteon and new production requirements of the E models, one of the two assembly lines is dismantled this summer and the production of a two-line driving way on a one-line driving way is changed.

In the entire body construction, extensive adjustments are made in particular for future MEB sizes. This will continue to automate new systems for the production of E-vehicles. For the transport of the electric vehicles, around 17 kilometers of conveyor line are changed alone in the paint shop alone. Overall, this production area works on more than 20 production-relevant construction sites.

Immediately after the factory leave, around 200 Emder employees will be at the end of the Volkswagen Location Zwickau in the production of the ID.4 and use the knowledge acquired there in the production processes for the start of the fully electric model in Emden and multiply. Using the experience and experienced know-how in the production network, in the transformation process of the site to an innovative E-Werk is a crucial role.

After the ID.4, which is manufactured from 2022 in Emden, from 2023 also runs the “Aero B” as a sedan and station wagon from the band, a fully electric model in the size of the Passat. Until then, a total of six additional manufacturing halls and logistics buildings on the 4.3 million square meters of factory premises should be created. The models Passat as well as Arteon and Arteon Shooting Brake continues to manufacture the location in a multi-year transitional phase.

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2 thoughts on “Conversion in summer: VW-Emden continues transformation”

  1. In the VW Group in an enormous tempo, production sites for the models of the MEB platform are based on, from and around: Zwickau, Emden, Hannover, USA, China, Czech Republic, Spain..
    Of course, welcome that there soon a total of every year (!) Over 1 million. MEB vehicles manufactured be.
    For the utilization of these works you have to to sell be able. And the dealers / “agencies” have to actually actively participate, which is currently still part of much to be desired.

  2. Well, now one may be curious if the German “environmental protection associations” here also fly with drones over the factory premises to examine any built-in tank in order to submit urgent applications for the protection of the environment in particular of Schlingnattern and bats at several instances of our jurisdiction &# 128521;

    But I do not think – VW has alone at the NABU within the last three years over 450.000 € “donated” – that should be well enough !
    &# 128521;


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