Covestro Photon uses 95% of its vehicle surface through solar modules

Covestro Photon uses 95% of its vehicle surface through solar modules-uses

For the Team Sun Car Aachen is certain, sustainable mobility concepts and solar technology are crucial for our future. The team student of RWTH and FH Aachen has presented along with its main sponsor Covestro the Covestro Photon, the latest growth in the team of the team,. From the previous seasons the collected knowledge has flowed into the development of the third generation Sunbar.

“After two years of hard work, we are finally so far to present the new Sunbar,” says Kersten Heckmann, technical director of the team. “The vehicle is an interplay of latest innovation and sensational technology; Driven by the goal of a more sustainable future.”With the Sunbar 3, the only German team 2021 will compete with the toughest solar challenges and compete for the first place.

The Team Sun Car shows when presenting the vehicle that this comes with half the air resistance of a race wheel driver. As a result, the car offers the best conditions for maximum efficiency, the factor to which in solar vehicles everything turns. To achieve this, the aerodynamic team has about 250.000 calculating hours to 1.Throughout different simulations. Catamaran construction gives the car more stability and thus a greater possible curve speed. The vehicle is powered by a specially developed engine.

The necessary energy refers the solar car car from its solar cells. These were cut for improved efficiency and superimposed as roof tiles. The shingles of monocrystalline silicon cells allows improved energy yield and efficient surface use of 95%. This supported by CFRP components, which make the vehicle even easier and more stable, contribute to a convincing affiliate vehicle of this year’s races in Morocco and Belgium.

In addition to the hardware, the software also plays a crucial role in the solar named car. The driving strategy, which cares about the optimal use of available energy during the race, has developed a new software for the current season. Baptized Remote Cruise Control (RCC), the program can calculate an optimal speed. Based on precise GPS data and an accurate analysis of the weather data, historical and up-to-date, the existing energy of the race car can be exploited in the best possible way. In practice, for example, this means that the predetermined speed is directly passed on the chase vehicle, the car, which gets behind the sun wagon, is passed on to the race car. As a result, the driver does not have to worry about the speed, but leaves this to the computer to better focus on control and traffic.

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  1. In the article is the speech of

    [a] Chase vehicle, the car, which gets behind the sun wagon ..

    Hopefully this then drives at least also purely electric!

  2. Very cool project! The car looks really crass.

    I can also highly recommend the YouTube series over the last race. Just search “Light Speed World Solar Challenge”.


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