Covid-19 leads to shift E-car plans at Jaguar and Range Rover

Covid-19 leads to shift E-car plans at Jaguar and Range Rover-leads

The Werk Castle Bromwich of Jaguar Land Rover becomes prepared for the construction of electric cars. The first E-car is to run there 2020 of the Jaguar XJ from the band, which is developed by the same expert team from designers and product developers, which have already subscribed for the i-pace (podcast / test report). The same work will also build the Jaguar J-Pace – an electrical SUV that will lie above the current i-pace in the Jaguar product range. Furthermore, the Land Rover model, which is designed according to Autocar is designated as “Road Rover”, should also run from the band. But until the time has come, it may take a little bit.

According to the transcript of a conference call with investors that Autocar exists, Adrian Mardell, Chief Financial Officer by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to understand that both the fully electric Jaguar XJ, as well as the E-range Rover be revealed in October or November, Instead of as planned in August and September. This shift is due to Covid-19. The so-called modular longitudinal architecture, shortly MLA, will be adapted for pure electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid drives in the future. The light platform should then finally replace the five platforms that the company is currently using. In addition, it is cozy that the two electric cars will be built on this MLA platform.

Mardell said investors that the construction work on the next generation Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models (both on MLA-based) during the Corona-Lockdown were not interrupted. The work on the defenders also went unhindered. During the conference call, the question of why you have shortened the investment in future models of three to two billion pounds. The reduction was justified by JLR with the statement that one would have reduced the number of derivatives of future models to save money.

Mardell also revealed that JLR’s business was redesigned by switching to a single platform – with a volume of slightly less than 500.Start at 000 units per year. In front of Covid-19, the company sold a bit 550.000 vehicles per year. He also claimed that the company has its sales to 550.000 to 600.000 units per year can increase, suggesting that JLR would be highly profitable at this level. In order to support the efforts of Jaguar Land Rover, develop new electric cars, the British Government has promised the automaker a loan guarantee of 500 million English pounds (about 553 million euros).

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  1. I would not buy a British vehicle currently. As long as this dubious populist has said that, you can not rely on contracts with the British. See the bursting of the Brexit contract with the EU. And at an unregulated Brexit, the question is whether Jaguar / Rover can then meet all obligations to have them as a manufacturer to their customers. Complaints and demanding consumer rights will be complicated if the UK leave the EU. Only right, with a hard Brexit.


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