Craftsmen desperate to Model-Model-X: Now Tesla makes him an offer

Craftsmen desperate to Model-Model-X: Now Tesla makes him an offer

Craftsmen desperate to Model-Model-X: Now Tesla makes him an offer-craftsmen
Tesla Craftsmen desperate to Model-Model-X: Now Tesla makes him an offer

Ingo Dellnitz actually had a noble goal in mind: the 51-year-old craftsman with his own company wanted to completely switch his fleet to electric cars.

A model X of the US car manufacturer Tesla was also among the company vehicles. But that makes difficulties. Now Dellnitz no longer wants the Stromer, but Tesla’s previous comparison offer is also not happy.

Ingo Dellnitz, head of a heating construction company with more than a dozen employees in the North Rhine-Westphalian Gladbeck, is pissed off. Dellnitz is an electric fan and wanted to switch its monteur vehicles to electric drives. To do this, he bought the Nissan E-NV200 electric bus a few years ago. And even a vehicle of the Tesla electric pioneer should not be missing in the Dellnitz company fleet. So in 2018 he decided to buy a Model X without even reminiscent of how much trouble the vehicle would make him.

Just one month after the electricity was admitted, there were the first problems: "It rattled in the front of the drive", Dellnitz remembers picture. The 51-year-old contacted the nearest, certified Tesla workshop in Dusseldorf, around 70 kilometers away. The service center then promised to report to him. "Of course you don’t have", Commented the annoyed heating builder. So Ingo Dellnitz drove to the service center without an appointment and put pressure. After the repair, disillusionment: the rattling was still there.

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Again and again Dellnitz visited the service workshop, where parts of the air conditioning, drive shafts, engine bracket and a lot more were replaced for weeks and months. But that remained rattling.

Even little things became Odyssey

Eight months after the purchase, the workshop proposed to exchange the engine warehouse. This was also done three days later and Dellnitz was back home with his Model X – including the associated rattling. The applied heating maker turned on the spot, but was rejected by the Tesla workshop with the reference that it was already Friday.

The following Monday follows the inevitable: a big bang in the engine compartment, whereupon the car stayed on the way to the workshop. Apparently the engine bracket had not been attached correctly, whereupon the engine had loosened and massive damage had been done in the engine compartment.

Dellnitz then had to hand over his model X to the workshop for three months. In late summer 2018 he received the Stromer repaired on a guarantee. However, that was not the end of his odyssey with the Tesla. Even small defects have become a permanent problem, for example a bump in the car: "A bump should be repaired at short notice, which took a year and a half.", Explains Dellnitz visibly eaten.

Also with the dreaded "Phantom braking" Dellnitz was already able to get acquainted. The autopilot of his Model X recognized non-existent obstacles during the journey and initiated danger braking. "Down in the left lane with trailers from 100 to 50 km/h, not nice", Dellnitz remembers. The mechanics of the wing doors also had to be adjusted several times, "a well -known problem according to the workshop".

Tesla’s offer is not enough for the unresponsive driver

From a certain point, the workshop refused further work. You can just "do nothing more". Until then, Tesla of the craftsman has already spent 26 weeks in the workshop, i.e. around a quarter of his previous lifetime. Dellnitz no longer wants the Model X: "Tesla has to take back my Monday car and give me a new one."

Apparently there has already been a corresponding offer from Tesla: "90.000 euros they offered me, but that’s too little", says the craftsman. The 31 trips to the workshop alone and back are a reason why he is entitled to a higher compensation: "That is 4260 kilometers – I don’t even go on vacation that far", The Gladbecker takes stock.

Tesla’s offer, at least in terms of the residual value of the car, is not that bad at all. Dellnitz has the model X 2018 for around 123.Bought 000 euros, even a new model X in the version "Maximum range" However, only almost 89 costs today.000 euros that "performance"-Version costs around 106.000 euros.

Unfortunately, Tesla did not want to provide information about Site for the time being, since it was a current case.

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