Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak


Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak

Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-crazy

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Magnus Walker may look like a windy used car dealer, but the Brit has a spectacular Porsche collection.

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-freak

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He doesn’t say anything specific about his current vehicle fleet: "In any case, I don’t have to walk."

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-freak

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According to his own statement, he has already bought over 40 Porsche models.

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-porsche

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In the film “Urban Outlaw” Walker combines Porsche with his own fashion collection.

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-crazy

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Historical subtleties are secondary. Walker mixes components from different years of construction.

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-this

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Magnus Walker is easy to spot on his jaunts through Los Angeles.

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-crazy

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Sometimes he also likes to stage himself next to his nine-eleven.

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-madonna

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His style is unique – and probably a matter of taste.

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-madonna

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He also has repairs on his farm.

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-madonna

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At the wheel he is the king: Magnus Walker.

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-freak

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This olive-green nine-eleven is also one of his treasures

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-loves

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They are all well-groomed because Walker lends a hand himself.

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Crazy in L.A .: Even Madonna loves this Porsche freak-madonna

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In his atelier he exhibited rims like trophies.

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The Brit Magnus Walker is a fashion designer for pop and rock greats and perhaps the shrillest Porsche collector in the world. However, the most important piece in his collection cannot be found.

E.It’s an everyday story. A little boy sees a special car and doesn’t rest until he, as a grown man, has it in his own garage at some point. But when the car is a Porsche, the boy first became a fashion designer and then a millionaire, then the story becomes exciting.

And when we’re talking about more than three dozen sports cars and not just one, and their very rich owner looks like a mixture of Bob Marley and Harry Rowohlt, then we’re talking about Magnus Walker, perhaps the weirdest Porsche collector in history.

The Brit’s passion was sparked during a visit to the London Motor Show in 1977. Together with his father there, in Earls Court, he took the first look at a white Porsche Turbo with Martini racing paint – and was enchanted. “Here in Sheffield, you didn’t see a Porsche very often. But this one turned out to be my dream car at first sight. I had to have one, ”says Magnus Walker.

love at first sight

He praises the sports car manufacturer for its loyalty to the original and its iconic shapes. “That is what distinguishes a Porsche. Everyone recognizes it, and has been for almost 50 years now. "Today the models are internally called 964, 993 and 997." But everyone knows what to expect from a 911. "

After the first encounter with a Porsche, the young Magnus hangs a turbo poster over his bed. But Walker has to wait a few years before the first Porsche.

First he gets his school ready, goes to a holiday camp in the United States as a supervisor and experiences what is commonly called the "American Dream". Because he gets stuck in Los Angeles after camp and has a knack for design and fashion, he designs and tailors a few clothes that are very popular with the American rock and pop elite.

Fashion for Madonna

"From Madonna to Alice Cooper, everyone was wearing my clothes," says Walker. In this way he turns nothing into a fortune and actually bought his first Porsche at the age of 25. However, it is neither one of the first from 1964 nor the 1977 Martini Porsche from London. First of all, he has to be content with a 74 model.

The money that Walker, who is now almost 50 years old, has earned with his fashion, he invested in a row of houses in downtown Los Angeles – at a time when you could hardly be seen there without police protection after dark. Since then, the problem of space has been a thing of the past. Under one roof he could tailor his clothes and park and polish his cars. Even so, he still had a few thousand square meters to live in.

Rental to film crews

Meanwhile, downtown Los Angeles is safer again and the neighborhood around Walker’s street is a hip film location. Everywhere you look you can see studio buses, broadcast vans and camera vehicles that are producing films, television programs, shows or commercials for Hollywood.

“That’s when I noticed that it is more profitable if I rent out my apartment as a film set,” says Walker. Now he has to walk for a few minutes until he is in his studio and garage. “But for that I earn more money than I can ever spend on my old Porsches. After all, it’s just a hobby. ”However, one that is slowly growing over his head.

Because the one Porsche that he bought in 1992 was not enough. Far from it. “At some point I got it into my head that I had to have every Porsche – from 1964 to 1973.” He still has to find the 1973 model. But the most difficult task has already been accomplished: the 1964.

Bought over 40 Porsches

“Only 232 of these were built. And only 59 are known for sure that they survived, ”says Walker. “That’s why I had to look for a damn long time before I had one like this in the garage,” he says, looking in love at the gray coupe that is wintering under a white tarpaulin. “Only then could I sleep peacefully again.” That was the basis for a collection that has been growing and growing ever since.

Because a Porsche still appears somewhere in his nested row of houses, there are also halls and lifting platforms on the other side of the street and it seems as if Magnus Walker doesn’t really care if he doesn’t want to give precise information about his current vehicle inventory. “I have certainly bought more than 40 Porsches in total. But how many I have at the moment, and how many of them drive, I don’t know with the best of will. In any case, I don’t have to run. "

After his collection has cost him mainly money so far, he is now making a little profit from his sports cars. He does not accept any restoration orders. But if someone likes the cars Walker has built for himself, then he sells them too. “I can always build a new one and make it even more beautiful,” says the collector. However, he does not always take it very precisely and sometimes mixes wildly between the years of construction.

Components from different years of construction

Driving pleasure seems to be more important to him than the historical subtleties. “I don’t work with cotton swabs and white gloves, I want cars that you can really drive afterwards.” That Porsche purists are bothered by the fact that he has developed a trunk lid inspired by the 356 for the 911, perforating the door handles for the purpose of lightweight construction or even tweaking the engines, Walker can understand well. But he sees it with the American nonchalance that is now characteristic of the British: "Everything you do with a Porsche is fine – as long as you have fun with the car."

In the meantime, Walker not only earns money from the Porsche restorations, but for the first time he is combining his hobby and profession and has launched a fashion collection around his 911 called “Urban Outlaw”. To make this known, he published a film of the same name on the Internet, but it shows more engines than fashion and really got the whole thing rolling. It is not for nothing that the 30-minute strip has several million clicks on various portals and Walkers are constantly having car fans on their doorstep.

Outlaw in the motherland of the speed limit

Urban Outlaw – that’s not just the name of Walker’s new fashion collection that he knitted around his Porsche dreams. For him, it’s inevitably a lifestyle too. Because you shouldn’t look at the law that closely if you want to have fun with a Porsche in and around Los Angeles, regardless of the year of manufacture. It is not for nothing that America is considered the motherland of the speed limit.

But as the numerous films of him that can now be found on YouTube & Co prove, Walker doesn’t let that stop him: hot races in the Hollywood Hills, full throttle along the Pacific Coast Highway, drifting through downtown. Even a motorway entrance becomes a special test for Walker when he is driving one of his 911s. “With the right attitude, you can have fun on any road in a Porsche,” says Walker and shrugs his shoulders.

Prices have more than doubled

The shaggy fashion designer doesn’t just use his 911 for sporty trips, but also as real everyday cars: "I drive them every day and do everything that is due with them." He only has to change if his wife wants to go with him: Because she doesn’t like the 911, Walker then sits in the passenger seat of a BMW 3 Series. “At least a German car too,” says the English Porsche fan politely.

His preference for Porsche has nothing to do with false patriotism. Walker had pretty much every older sports car in his garage, he drove a Mustang or Ferrari, Jaguar or Jensen. “But somehow I always got stuck with Porsche in the end. After all, that’s where it all started. "

Rejection from Zuffenhausen

His collection is not yet complete. But Magnus Walker’s greatest Porsche dreams have now come true. “In addition, the prices for the early 911 are slowly going through the roof and have more than doubled in the past two or three years,” says Walker. That is why he is now switching to younger models such as the early turbos, "because they are still available here in America at reasonable prices". And of course he also needs the white Martini Porsche from 1977, which gave him all this.

There is no shortage of supplies, but neither is there a shortage of space. But such a huge area and such a large collection also have their disadvantages. Even Walker has to admit that. Because he can no longer find one of his most important Porsche devotional items: the answer to the letter he wrote to Porsche after his memorable visit to the Earls Court Motor Show.

During his school days, he applied to Porsche in Zuffenhausen and, as a polite refusal, received the friendly advice to contact Porsche again at a somewhat older age. Walker remembers that well. “Now I am old and mature enough. But meanwhile the invitation to Stuttgart has disappeared. "

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