Crazy news from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show


The crazy news from the Geneva Motor Show

This tire is a sphere and can think

The tire manufacturer Goodyear has introduced a new concept tire. Goodyear’s first spherical tire with artificial intelligence can feel and make decisions. Source: N24 / Christin Brauer


The Geneva Motor Show is the auto show in Europe with the most hedonistic approach. Everywhere you see vehicles that nobody really needs. But they give the fair character. Seven bizarre examples.

E.t must be because Switzerland is neutral. And that it doesn’t have an auto industry. That’s why nobody has to be considerate at the Geneva Motor Show, every manufacturer can show what they think is right.

And so, year after year, there is mainly one message from this auto show from: Life is beautiful. Nowhere else is there so much hedonism on wheels, and that doesn’t just apply to the exotic Pagani factories to Zonda. The high-volume manufacturers also like to show cars in Geneva that the world doesn’t need. But somehow still finds it interesting.

Maybach G650 Landaulet

If you come to the Mercedes stand, you will see a car that you have to put your head back to get a full view of it. A G-Class, which is not only extra high (you know) and has been lengthened by almost 60 centimeters (you don’t know, but you can understand), but also carries a hood over the rear seats (has never been seen before).

Crazy news from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show-geneva

It’s not quite as stable as the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet looks. The running board only holds 120 kilos

Source: Daimler

Something like that is called a landaulet, and this type of vehicle was actually considered extinct – also because there was a lot of pulling at the rear. But the 99 G650s that Mercedes has equipped with twelve cylinders, 630 hp and every imaginable luxury (that’s what the name Maybach stands for), add a slightly crazy footnote to this part of the car history and will find their buyers – even if they cost 630,000 euros plus tax each. To see a car like this on the road, you won’t have to travel to Geneva, but rather to Dubai or Moscow.

AMG GT Concept

Mercedes is currently on a run, BMW has ousted from the top in the sales of premium cars, you can also afford a few extravagances with the products. In Geneva there are even two: at the sports subsidiary AMG the four-door version of the GT sports car is still available as a study, but this variant is firmly planned for 2018.

The car is beautiful, like all sedans with elongated hatchbacks, and above all it is something special because there is not much competition. The Porsche Panamera Turbo essentially plays in the price range around 150,000 euros with, maybe the BMW M6 Gran Coupe, the Audi RS7 and – with some reservations – the Aston Martin Rapide.

Crazy news from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show-geneva

The AMG GT Concept is a very sporty hybrid car with 815 hp. And it’s beautiful too

Source: AMG

Six months ago, Mercedes and AMG announced at the Paris Motor Show, on a super sports car with plug-in hybrid drive to work, and parts of its drive technology are already in the GT Concept. It is also not just an extended GT, under the sheet metal it comes across as a bit more bourgeois, more like the E-Class. The long GT does not have the transmission at the rear, but at the front, and has permanent all-wheel drive.

Honda Civic Type-R

Honda has been proving that front-wheel drive can be done quickly with the top model of the Civic for years-Model series. In the meantime, a Type-R held the Nordschleife record for front-wheel drive cars (currently it’s a VW Golf GTI Clubsport), and you can confidently look back on the "Fast & Furious"-Feel reminded of the series.

Crazy news from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show-show

The Honda Civic Type-R is the right car to re-enact "Fast and furious"

Source: Honda

Even if this model did not appear in any of the seven films, that was reserved for the normal Civic models as well as the Honda S2000 and the NSX. But why think of fiction when you have 320 hp in real life? Like every Type-R, this one too will be a dreaded used car.

McLaren 720S

The new McLaren is against it more on the way to becoming a classic. Expensive (247,350 euros), correspondingly rare, high performance (720 hp) – and currently the production cars even have a better image than the ailing racing team in Formula 1. Compared to its predecessor, the 650S, McLaren promises more features (navigation, entertainment) and more driving comfort with a sharper character.

Crazy news from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show-motor

The McLaren 720S accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in less than three seconds

Source: McLaren

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

When presenting a new car, every word is carefully chosen. But what is more important at the Porsche stand is what you don’t say: "station wagon". Sport Turismo is part of it exactly that, even if the rear was not designed according to usable volume, but according to beauty.

Crazy news from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show-news

The Porsche Sport Turismo is a sports suit. You just can’t call him that

Source: Porsche

Nevertheless, there is a cargo space (1390 instead of 1304 liters in the sedan), and there is a third seat on the back seat, which is otherwise not available on the Panamera because of the large center tunnel. On the other hand, it is questionable whether there are enough customers for the station wagon, which may not be called station wagon: In Porsche’s top markets, the USA and China, one hardly ever buys such cars.

Range Rover Velar

This destiny becomes the newest, now fourth, Range Rover-Don’t overtake the model, because off-road vehicles (and those that look like them) go anywhere, anytime. The Velar closes a gap that no one except Land Rover sees, namely the one between Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport.

Crazy news from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show-show

The Range Rover Velar may be an off-road vehicle, but it doesn’t necessarily want to go into tough terrain

Source: Jaguar Land Rover

However, at 4.80 meters, the Velar is closer to sport than the compact Evoque. The real reason for this car is the existence of the Jaguar F-Pace – with the SUV the sister brand shares the base of the Velar. So you could also say Range Rover Light.

Ferrari F812 Superfast

We close our tour through the world of senseless, yet significant automobiles with a classic of plenty: Ferrari. If the Italians don’t introduce a new model in Geneva, something is going wrong and this year (their seventieth) they are starting what they call their most powerful production model ever.

The 800 hp of the 812 Superfast are indeed impressive, but the 963 hp hybrid racer LaFerrari was already available in Geneva in 2013. But please: Ferrari makes its own rules, they are allowed to, it cannot be prevented anyway.

Crazy news from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show-news

The Ferrari 812 Superfast has speed in its name. 800 hp bring it to more than 340 km / h

Source: Ferrari

One could only ask why such a perfect car as the 812 predecessor F12 was not allowed to be on the market for five years before it was replaced. But that would mean being interested in cars that no one needs, and we really didn’t want that. Or is it??

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